DIY Dry Brushed Chalk Painted Pumpkins {Pumpkin Palooza}

DIY Dry Brushed Chalk Paint Pumpkins {Pumpkin Palooza}  |

Good morning everyone!  I'm so thrilled today to be able to join in with 14 of my blogging friends and Country Living Magazine for the first ever Pumpkin Palooza!  It is taking place all week across our blogs and I'm honored to be able to share the day with Heather from Setting for Four and Ashley from Little Glass Jar.

Pumpkin Palooza October 5-9, 2015

When you are done here, please take a moment to check out everyone's creative pumpkin projects, decorating ideas, and recipes throughout the week.  The links for the week to everyone's blogs appear at the end of this post.

Looking for a project to transform some plastic craft store pumpkins?  Check out this tutorial for using a special chalk paint technique to create realistic pumpkins.  |

Learn how to DIY some realistic looking chalk painted pumpkins.  |

In keeping with my neutral theme for fall, I wanted to make some pumpkins in different shades of green.  I love the texture of chalk paint, but just painting them looked so plain.  So, I took the painting process one step further and dry brushed an accent color over the top.

I love how this simple step takes plastic pumpkins from looking like they've been painted to actually having the texture and color variations of a real pumpkin.

Realistic DIY chalk paint pumpkins in green.  |

Decorate with some green DIY pumpkins.  |

Interested in trying this craft for yourself?  Here's how!

DIY Dry Brushed Chalk Painted Pumpkins

I started with random, unmatched pumpkins that I picked up last fall on clearance from Hobby Lobby.  They were incredibly bright and not at all what I was looking for this year, but I knew that could be easily changed.

Because colors like orange and red tend to bleed and are hard to cover with a light colored coat of paint, I started this project by basecoating all the pumpkins with Fusion Color Blocker.  It is a light gray colored primer that really keeps the color underneath from showing through.

I was glad that I did this step because a few of the pumpkins were so bad that they even bled through the first coat of Color Blocker.  That can be a pain to try to paint over when you are using a color like the light green I was choosing.

Use Fusion Color Blocker as a basecoat for your chalk painted pumpkins.

After two coats of color blocker, I painted my pumpkins with two coats of chalk paint in either a light mint color or a darker green color.  (I used my recipe for chalk paint and added it to bottles of Folk Art brand craft paint, sea glass and avocado )

Making realistic chalk paint pumpkins |

Then comes the fun part.....Dry brushing the pumpkins to give them a bit more character!

You'll want to use a craft brush that can be thrown away for this process, because it will take a bit of abuse with all the rubbing and brushing.

For the mint colored pumpkins, I used avocado to dry brush on top.  For some, like the small gourds in the picture I also added a bit of gray when I was brushing to change the color a little.  The dark avocado pumpkins were shaded with black.

Realistic mint green chalk paint pumpkins  |

Realistic chalk paint gourd  |

Unique chalk paint pumpkin for fall  ||

To dry brush a color on top of your base, put some paint on your brush and then brush most of it off onto a piece of paper towel.  Brush the remaining paint onto your pumpkin quickly and haphazardly.

You're not trying to paint the pumpkin now, just highlight and accent it with a different color.  Really rub the brush in and all around to smooth it all out. If you should happen to get too much paint in an area, add a bit of the base color onto the pumpkin to  even out the finish.

Click to find out how to make chalk painted pumpkins look realistic.  |

Useful fall DIY tutorial for transforming pumpkins with chalk paint.  |

I actually had a hubbard squash sitting in front of me on the counter while creating these as a little inspiration for the color!  It helps to see the real thing when trying to duplicate something from nature.

The dry brush technique really brings out the imperfections in the plastic pumpkin giving it the look of a real pumpkin.  It also gives a lot of variations in the color which is what a natural pumpkin or squash would have.  No two pumpkins are ever going to look alike or turn out exactly the same.  Each one is unique.

You might also enjoy seeing my post from last year about making some realistic DIY stems to add to your painted pumpkins using sisal twine, glue, and cinnamon!

These pumpkins are for sale, in case you don't want to craft any for yourself.  Send me an email if you are interested in purchasing some!

Beautiful pumpkins for fall |

I'm showing my pumpkins here around a vintage wood crate, but you can tuck one in just about anywhere for a display.  Add some dried leaves or a few real pumpkins (like my white one) to put the finishing touch on your creations!

Decorate with pumpkins in a wood crate for fall.  |

Interesting pumpkin display with mini pumpkins in vintage scoop.  |

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Thank you so much for visiting today.  Please have a look around the other creative ideas from my fellow bloggers!

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Tutorial for making realistic chalk paint pumpkins for fall.  ||

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