Pick Your Own Pumpkins DIY Fall Sign

September 12, 2018

If you are looking to decorate your home with new autumn decor, you may want to consider picking up a paintbrush and making something yourself.  This simple DIY fall sign is something anyone can make and takes almost no time at all!

DIY Pumpkin Sign for Fall

There is something very satisfying about making things yourself.  Sure, there are plenty of pretty things out there to buy and I love shopping just as much as the next person.  But to be able to construct something with your own two hands that you can pull out and enjoy each year is special.

Pick Your Own Pumpkins Fall Sign

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It has been quite awhile since I've done a DIY anything, but I decided I was up for the challenge when Angie from Postcards from the Ridge contacted me about joining in on her Fall Ideas Tour.  Each day this week some lovely ladies are sharing fall mantels, tablescapes, recipes, and porches,
and obviously today is the DIY craft day.  Links to everyone's fall inspiration appear later in this post.

While I'm typically a perfectionist when it comes to making something, I embrace the imperfections when creating a hand painted sign.  Actually, the more handmade it looks, the better in my eyes.  And for this DIY Fall Sign, I worked extra hard at making it look old, beat-up, and imperfect.

At Goodwill, I found a thin flat board that would make the perfect small sign.  You should be able to find something similar at a craft store or hardware store.  Any old scrap of wood that you have lying around would also work.

My board was about 9 inches x 14 inches, but you can enlarge or decrease the size of the template to fit whatever size sign you'd like to make.

So, let's get crafting, shall we?


DIY Pumpkin Sign Instructions


I used a hammer and some screwdrivers to add age and character to the new, perfect board.  Focusing heavily on the edges, I chipped away sections and added indentions.  All of this is enhanced later on when you are finishing the sign.  

Also, because the board was soft, I was able to use the screwdriver to create two lines across the board to make it resemble that of individual planks.  This step is optional, but I really love how it made my sign look less like it was made out of an ordinary single piece of wood.

2.  PAINT 

You'll need two light coats of a creamy white paint.  (I chose Raw Silk made by Fusion Mineral Paint.)  When making a sign like this that I want distressed around the edges I tend to not paint clear to the end of the board.  There is no point in perfectly painting something you are going to sand away later.

3.  SAND

When your paint is dry, lightly sand the surface to distress the paint and begin making it look worn.  I prefer to use a pretty heavy grit sandpaper to really rough up the paint.  I love making it look like the sign would have been made out of an old used board and sanding now helps that to happen.


Download the DIY Sign Template and use carbon paper to trace the outline onto your painted board.  You may need to slightly adjust the template based on the size of your sign.

Then paint the words and pumpkin shape using orange and green. (I chose Tuscan Orange and Bayberry again by Fusion Mineral Paint.)


Gently distress the sign after the paint has dried.  This sanding will fix any imperfections you may have had when painting the words and pumpkin on your board.  


The final step to making this old and rustic sign is to age it using dark ageing paste wax.  A large wax brush works really well at getting in all the spots you aged in the first step, but if you don't have one and rubbing the wax in with an old rag will work just fine.

I use quite a bit of wax in this step making sure that it gets down into the distressed areas where it will stay.  If it appears like the sign is getting too dark, the dark wax can be lightened by rubbing in some clear wax.  I focus more heavily on darkening the outer edges of the sign and stay lighter toward the middle.  You may need to play around a bit with it until you are happy with the finish.

And that is it!  I know it seems like quite a few steps, but nothing is really complicated or takes much time at all.  Most of your time will be spent just waiting for the paint to dry.  (And a hairdryer works wonders to speed up the process, by the way!)

Handmade Fall Sign DIY


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