Vintage Inspired DIY Corbels

A little paint and distressing is all these shelves needed to become 
aged architectural corbels perfect for decorating.

A little paint and distressing is all this shelf needed to look like an aged architectural corbel perfect for decorating.  |

Have you been seeing a lot of old, aged corbels being used in decorating?  The chipping paint.  The weathered wood.  Both things that call my name.  While I have wanted some for myself, I haven't been able to find any old ones in my price range.

The plan was to buy a new corbel from Lowes to paint and distress to look old......Fast and easy project.

Except have you seen the price of a wood corbel?!?!  It's over $50!  I practically fainted right there on the concrete floor in the trim aisle.  That idea wasn't going to work.

DIY Metal Tray for Serving Drinks

Need a unique way to serve up some drinks to your guests this summer?  This tutorial shows how to make a metal tray from a springform pan!  |

Portions of this post originally appeared on Craftberry Bush.

It is no secret here that I love finding interesting ways to use old things and today's project is no different.  I saw a springform pan recently that my mom was about to throw away and knew it was something I could use.  The pan was a rusty in a few spots and really was not suitable for using to make a tasty cheesecake anymore.  But that didn't mean that it wasn't useful.

Completely Free Flower Arrangement.

A glass creamer and trimmings from a bush make a beautiful and free 
flower arrangement to brighten your home.

Learn how to create a beautiful flower arrangement without spending any money at all!  |

I really think that those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer have gotten to me because there has been a real lack of motivation lately.  Plenty of projects are started but nothing can seem to get to the completion stage.  My guess is that you are probably feeling much the same way, though.  I think we all tend to slow down a bit as the summer progresses trying to enjoy the carefree days that will be coming to an end before we know it.  The good news is that we've still got a month left to savor.

This post was supposed to be written a week ago, but my power went out during a storm so it didn't get done......and somehow nothing else got posted last week, either.  And yes, I realize I shouldn't wait until the last minute to type of a post, but I thrive on spur of the moment kinds of pressure.

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up  (affiliate link) is the new trend in books, in case you haven't heard.  It is by Marie Kondo and claims to not only help you declutter and organize your space, but give you a better life.  She also mentions that you should only have to ever go through this "special" tidying process once in your lifetime.  Sounds good to me.

One of my favorite tasks is cleaning and organizing.  I like getting rid of things.   A good before and after picture makes my heart beat fast.  And I whole-heartedly believe that my life would be easier and more enjoyable if I had fewer possessions.  This book seems to be the answer that I have been searching for.

Creating a Display with Vintage Objects

Last week, I shared my vintage fan that was updated with chalk paint for a fresh look.  When putting the post together, I staged a whole display to showcase it and then chose to focus just on the fan in the pictures.  Rather than just delete the pictures, I thought I might as well show you how I changed up my yard sale and thrift store display just by switching out a few pieces.

Repurposed DIY Flower Pot and a Garden Tour

At the beginning of the summer I mentioned that one of my goals was to  keep some of my outdoor plants alive.  I'm happy to say that I've actually been pretty successful so far, although I can't take all the credit.  The massive amounts of almost daily rainfall we've been receiving has ensured that my flowers are getting the water they need.  (Unfortunately, the impatients that are growing in two pots that don't have drainage holes aren't doing quite as well.  That's another story, though.)

DIY Glass Lanterns Made from Repurposed Jars

Portions of this post originally appeared on Craftberry Bush.

Happy Tuesday friends!

I've been seeing glass lanterns that have twine around the top all over the place .  A few of my favorite stores, must-follow blogs, and the most popular magazines seem to be featuring these in different ways and I really like the look.  Recently, I was in a store that was selling these lanterns and I decided that I needed to follow the trend.  But as I carried it around the store, it dawned on me that I was going to pay $20 for something that was really only a small glass jar wrapped with a little twine.  Back to the shelf it went, and I left the store with my DIY in mind and headed instead to the thrift store.

Updating a Vintage Fan with Chalk Paint

I admit that I enjoy finding things that fit into my style without spending a lot of money.  It isn't that I'm cheap....I just like to get a lot for my money.  And honestly, isn't that what most of us want?!?!  Sometimes the items that I desire are really pricey, and vintage fans are one of them.  For that reason, I've never bought one.

Vintage Paper Rolls to Fill a Bowl

Sometimes it is the smallest touches in decorating that can make the biggest statement.  You can have a beautiful table or a comfortable sofa, but it is the centerpiece and throw over the arm of the chair that brings everything together.  Looking at a recent home tour on one of my favorite blogs, I was inspired to write today's post by something I saw under her coffee table.  It is one of those simple and practically free ways to add a little something extra into an item you may already have in your home.

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