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DIY Glass Lanterns Made from Repurposed Jars

July 7, 2015

CREATE   |   Published July 7, 2015

Happy Tuesday friends!

I've been seeing glass lanterns that have twine around the top all over the place .  A few of my favorite stores, must-follow blogs, and the most popular magazines seem to be featuring these in different ways and I really like the look.  Recently, I was in a store that was selling these lanterns and I decided that I needed to follow the trend.  But as I carried it around the store, it dawned on me that I was going to pay $20 for something that was really only a small glass jar wrapped with a little twine.  Back to the shelf it went, and I left the store with my DIY in mind and headed instead to the thrift store.

Goodwill or any thrift store always have an overabundance of glass  jars in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  I picked up a few that I knew would work for almost nothing.

To make these lanterns, you'll need just the jars, thick twine, and  hot glue.

Start by attaching one end of the twine vertically to the lip of the jar with the hot glue.  Then glue the twine in the same way to the opposite side.  This will form the handle of your lantern.  You'll want to attach it far enough down that it will be wrapped over a few times with the twine in the next step.

Without cutting the twine, begin wrapping it around and around the lip of the jar.  Glue it well so that the twine is secure.  When you get to the top, cut the twine off and glue the end onto the jar.

It was that simple and I was going to spend $20 to get it.  Instead, I made a few for less than $5!

There are so many ways that you could decorate with this look.

I filled one lantern with decorative stones and added a candle.

In another, some succulents were planted in dirt.

You could also fill the lantern with water and add some flowers or leafy branches.

The handle should be secure enough that the lantern could even be hung on a shepherd's hook outside filled with candles.

So many possibilities for this inexpensive craft!  I'd love to know what you think in the comments below.  Is this something you'd make for yourself?

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