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DIY Metal Tray for Serving Drinks

July 28, 2015

CREATE   |   Published July 28, 2015

Need a unique way to serve up some drinks to your guests this summer?  This tutorial shows how to make a metal tray from a springform pan!  |

It is no secret here that I love finding interesting ways to use old things and today's project is no different.  I saw a springform pan recently that my mom was about to throw away and knew it was something I could use.  The pan was a rusty in a few spots and really was not suitable for using to make a tasty cheesecake anymore.  But that didn't mean that it wasn't useful.

Create this DIY Metal Serving Tray from a repurposed springform pan! { anderson + grant for Craftberry Bush }

Lately, it seems as though I've been digging through piles of other people's stuff that they no longer want and coming out with really great items to use for projects.  There is nothing better than something you can get for free in my least when those items are things you actually want.  Today's project uses one of those finds.

There are times when I see an ordinary item and can instantly picture it being used for another purpose.  A springform pan is used to make cheesecakes, but this one had seen better days.  It had a little rust and discoloration on it making it unsafe for food preparation.

But I no longer saw a springform pan.  I saw some metal that had a little patina and age to it and instantly knew it could be made into a unique serving tray for drinks.  And the best part?  You can even add ice to this tray to keep the drinks (or a pitcher of your beverage) cold!

This metal serving tray for your summer beverages is created from an old springform pan. { anderson + grant for Craftberry Bush }

So, here's how to transform an old springform pan into a stylish new serving tray.....

In addition to the pan, you'll need:
Carbon paper
A black Sharpie
Fine-grit sandpaper
Clear silicone caulk

Sketch out the word DRINKS according to the size of your pan.  You could also use the computer to type and print out the letters if you are uncomfortable with writing it yourself.

Attach the word to the side of the pan with some tape.  Add a piece of carbon paper underneath and trace over the letters to transfer it onto the pan.

Use the Sharpie to color in the letters, but don't worry about completely filling them in.

When the letters are done, use a fine grit sandpaper to distress what you wrote.  Sand it gently so that you don't remove too much of the marker.  But sand long enough to really make the word look like it has been worn away over time.  If you sand too much, just color in the letter again and repeat the process.

Something I learned while taking pictures of my tray outside on a sunny day is that my springform pan is not watertight.  As the ice melted, I had a table full of water.  So, if you plan adding some ice into your tray to keep your beverages chilled, I would run a bead of clear caulking around the inside of the pan where the sides meet the bottom.  Use your finger to smooth it into the crevice and no one will even notice.

Serve your summer drinks in style with this DIY metal serving tray. { anderson + grant for Craftberry Bush }

There are still plenty of warm days left this summer for serving up some cold ice tea, lemonade, or other drinks to guests on your porch.  But then when the days turn cooler, this tray will function just as well with warm drinks.  With the popularity of coffee and hot chocolate bars in the winter, this could even be used as a decorative way to store your mugs and supplies in addition to serving up something to your friends.

Create this DIY Metal Serving Tray from a repurposed springform pan! {anderson + grant for Craftberry Bush}

I'm excited to hear what you think about my repurposed springform pan idea!  Is this something you would use?

Tomorrow I'll be here with another project using something that I rescued from my mom's donation pile.  I'm sensing a trend here this week!  Did you see my rescued item yesterday?

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