Repurposed DIY Flower Pot and a Garden Tour

July 10, 2015

GARDEN   |   Published July 10, 2015

At the beginning of the summer I mentioned that one of my goals was to  keep some of my outdoor plants alive.  I'm happy to say that I've actually been pretty successful so far, although I can't take all the credit.  The massive amounts of almost daily rainfall we've been receiving has ensured that my flowers are getting the water they need.  (Unfortunately, the impatients that are growing in two pots that don't have drainage holes aren't doing quite as well.  That's another story, though.)

A sunny Friday seems to be the perfect day to give you a little glimpse at my thriving plants and I've also been meaning to share my unique flower pot idea with you.

At Goodwill, I found this old milk funnel.  Some places call it a strainer, other's refer to it as a dairy funnel.  Whatever the name, I thought it was a neat find and works perfectly for holding a plant or two.  Unlike my impatient pots, this has drainage holes built right in.

It has some great wear and patina on the metal.  And, I love the idea of using something as a flower pot that isn't actually intended to hold plants.  The combination of a unique flower pot and this beautiful flower is perfection in my book.

The flower was at my local greenhouse and I knew I needed one the moment I laid eyes on it.  It is called Sundiascia Upright Peach and is a Diascia Hybrid.  (Don't you just love those technical names?)  It started out as just a small 4-inch pot, but has really filled in this large funnel.  Plus, it continually has flowers on it which is nice.  It makes me happy to look out my patio door and see it blooming so beautifully in the sun.

Now, let's take a quick little look at a few more of my thriving plants, shall we?

There is a tall urn filled with geraniums, dusty miller, and a vine plant that unfortunately I don't remember the name of.  Everything really has grown well to fill this pot, too.  When I picked the dusty miller, I chose a four pack that seemed a bit shorter than the rest hoping that since it was fuller it would grow better.  I don't know if that made a difference or not, but the four plants have probably quadrupled in size.

There is a clay pot filled with a verbena plant.  This originally started out with the other plant in my milk funnel because it had all white flowers on it when I bought it.  After bringing it home and actually reading the plant marker, though, I found out that it is a red mix and gets magenta and white and red flowers in addition to the white buds.  It finally had to be moved to a pot of it's own because the colors didn't go too well with the peach.  But it was for the best as both plants seem to like growing on their own more.

And my final plant to show you is a spirea that I picked up on clearance at Lowes.  Does your Lowes or Home Depot have discounted plants?  It is always my favorite place to look in the garden center.  The plants are always ones that have been neglected but can normally still be nursed back to health.  If you are looking to save a little cash on perennials and annuals, I recommend seeing if you store has a section like this.

This little bush had been hit by an early frost, but I've been tending to it by removing all of the damaged leaves and dead branches.  It is looking a lot better than when I purchased it, believe it or not.  It is long overdue for being put in the ground, but that is one of those items that just can't seem to get off of my to do list.

Next year if all goes well (and it finally does get planted) it will get these pretty magenta colored flowers on it.  The bush that I have is ten years old and is very hardy.  It even was moved at one point to the location is rests in now without any problems.

Well, that is enough talk about flowers today.  I'd share the entire garden with you, but the weeds have once again taken over due to too much rain and not enough time to pull them.  Hopefully I could give you a full garden tour before too long.

How are your flowers doing this summer?

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