Creating an Inviting Outdoor Entry

The transition from outside to inside is probably one of the most important parts of your house when it comes to visitors.  It is where they get the first impression of your home.

People see your home whether they are visiting or just driving by.  Do you want to have the house on the block that people are scared to approach or, or do you want to have the house where people want to come up and knock on the door....the house that makes people wonder how great the inside looks?  And an interesting entry doesn't just have to be for visitors.  It is more welcoming for you, too, to come home to a nicely dressed home.

Before & After | Beauty is in the Imperfection

Hand painted and distressed kid's chair from

Character gives an item some life.  It can tell a story.  It lets you know that a piece was used, and possibly loved.  And while character can sometimes lead people to think that these pieces aren't nice to look at or worth anything, I believe that the beauty of a piece lies in the imperfections it has.

I think I like to be reminded of a simpler time, when people made do with what they had....even if it meant using something for a different purpose.  We all like to go out and buy what we need and throw away what we don't. But I think people were more creative when they didn't have the money or desire to do that.

Simple Suppers | Lasagna Rollups

Do you love a simple, fast recipe when you need something for supper? Why not try these delicious and easy to prepare lasagna rollups?  |

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Weekday suppers that taste great, but don't need a lot of time or work to prepare are so important. These lasagna rolls are one of those must have recipes for dinner, and I think you'll love them as much as I do.  The recipe is much easier to make than a whole pan of lasagna.   They can even be prepared the night before, and all you'll need is a quick 15 minutes in the oven to heat everything before serving.

Discovering Your Decorating Style

Tips for Discovering your Decorating Style from

Decorating can seem like a daunting task when you don't have a vision for where you are going.  Even experienced decorators can get discouraged when things don't seem to come together.

It isn't easy to name your style, especially in this day and age.....We are bombarded with so many images and ideas that it is easy to be confused about what it is that you really like.  And most people are leaning towards being more ecclectic and taking on more than one style at a time.  But how do you make things cohesive?  How to you find what you are really drawn to?

Before and After | Painted Wood Pantry Cupboard

Check out this transformation of a bare wood cupboard into a beautiful kitchen pantry |

After pre-staining and staining the cupboard, three coats of chalk paint, some sanding, and then waxing, I finished the pantry cupboard my mom has been waiting for.  It was actually done a little over two months ago, but I am finally sharing the pictures with you today.....Sorry it took me so long to put an end to this project!

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