Creating an Inviting Outdoor Entry

May 29, 2014

DESIGN + STYLE   |   Published May 29, 2014

The transition from outside to inside is probably one of the most important parts of your house when it comes to visitors.  It is where they get the first impression of your home.

People see your home whether they are visiting or just driving by.  Do you want to have the house on the block that people are scared to approach or, or do you want to have the house where people want to come up and knock on the door....the house that makes people wonder how great the inside looks?  And an interesting entry doesn't just have to be for visitors.  It is more welcoming for you, too, to come home to a nicely dressed home.

Creating a fabulous entry to your house doesn't have to cost a lot....Some things that you can do don't cost anything at all.  You don't need a total remodel to make improve the entrance to your home.  Adding a few special touches can make a big difference.  Here are some tips for improving this area of your home....

Show your guests the path they should take to get to your entry.
Picture found here.

There is nothing more frustrating for a visitor than to not know where to go to come into your house.  I've seen some front entries that are beautifully designed, yet the homeowners prefer guest to come to the back of the house, even though there is not any clear direction to do so.  Regardless of where you want your guests to enter, you need to make sure that they are guided in the correct direction.  This can easily be done with a walkway, adding some decorative landscape lighting, or bushes, shrubs, and flowers.

Add shrubs and flowers around your entry to make it more inviting.
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Although adding plants or bushes to the exterior of your home requires a little tending to, they can make a huge difference in the curb appeal of your entry.  Even just adding a few pots of geraniums (or pumpkins in the fall) going up your steps can instantly add a little bit of "life" to your house.

A porch light makes your entry more welcoming and safe.
Picture found here

I love the look of a porch light of a house glowing in the dark at night.  There is something welcoming about seeing a house lit up.  Not only does light look nice, but it helps to keep your home (and your guests) safe.

Accessorize your entry with unique numbers, mailbox, welcome mats, and furnishings.
Numbers and Mailbox available from Pottery Barn

There is not a lot that you can do to "decorate" the front of your house, but using functional accessories is one way to add a little personality.  Adding a welcome mat is an easy way to add a little color and texture to your entry and they can be found all over.  And if you have to have house numbers or a mailbox on the exterior of your home, why not find ones that are unique?  If  there is room, adding a bench or chair with some colorful (outdoor) throw pillows can make your house look like a place to stop and enjoy a cup coffee on the front porch.

Keep your entry clean and uncluttered.
Picture found at Better Homes and Gardens

This is one of the easiest (and free) ways to make your entry more inviting.  The front of your house should be kept clean and free of things that don't belong.  This is not the place to "over-decorate".  Even if you have the room for a sitting area, you don't need a lot of extra clutter.....simple is always better in this case.

Hang an American flag from your porch to make it more welcoming.
Picture found on Tumblr

There is something welcoming about being patriotic.  Seeing a flag flying in the breeze is one of those little touches that could instantly catch someone's attention.

It isn't necessary to implement all of this tips in order to make your entry more inviting.  But just taking the time to give a little thought to how your house appears can improve the feeling of your home.  Do any of this tips inspire you to do a little updating to this area?

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