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Thrift Store Transformation #2 ...... Repurposed Loaf Pans

February 19, 2014

CREATE   |   Published February 19, 2014

Last month I shared with you my first thrift store transformation....turning clear glass bud vases into painted and distressed candlesticks.  I was shocked (and very grateful) for the interest that you showed and the wonderful comments you left!  Since the idea of a transformation you could do yourself was so popular, I decided that I will (try) do a project every month using something anyone can find at their local thrift store or yard sale.

Another thing that always seems in large supply (and super cheap) at my local Goodwill is any sort of baking pan.  I decided to pick up three metal loaf pans and repurpose them into decorative organizing bins.  They would also be a great "basket" to package up some small gifts or baked goods for a friend.  You could even make one for the kitchen to plant herbs for in your window!  The loaf pans I bought are old and have an interesting folded detail on the ends, but any loaf pans will do.

(I've also created a special beverage tray made from a cheescake pan, a sisal "basket" from a kitchen pot, and a  cake stand using a thrift store pie pan.)

If you'd like to try this project yourself, you'll need:

I'm always a fan of things looking a little beat up or distressed, so I started this project by adding a few more dents and dings into the metal using a hammer.  If you prefer a clean, new look to your decor feel free to skip this step!

Since I was able to get three matching loaf pans, I decided to choose three coordinating colors of, light blue, and yellow.

It took three coats of paint on each pan to get a totally covered look.  Chalk paint dries quickly on metal, though, so there is not a long wait time in between each coat.  I only painted the outside of the pans but you could paint the inside, too, if you don't want the metal showing.

To add a little bit of detail to the pans, I used a fine liner brush and some white acrylic paint to paint a pattern around the top.  You can do this freehand if you are comfortable with that.  I drew my design out on paper and lightly traced it on to each pan using carbon paper.

Lightly sand the edges and in random places on the pans.

Mix up some strong instant coffee and brush it over the painted finish of the pans.  Let the coffee just soak down into the paint and dry to get a primitive look.  The stain tones down the paint colors a bit so that they don't look so primary colored.

This is another project that can be customized based on your tastes.  Depending on the colors you choose, whether or not you distress the finish, or even if you add the coffee stain at the end, you'll end up with a finished product that is totally you!


Rustic DIY Cake Stand made from a pie plate

Beverage Tray made from a cheesecake pan

Cutting Boards transformed into EAT sign

Rustic Wood Tray made from picture frame without glass

Sisal Storage Basket made from kitchen pot

What do you think?  Is this another project you think you might try?

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