Rustic DIY Cake Stand

May 16, 2016

CREATE   |   Published May 16, 2016

A lot of what I've been sharing lately has been giving makeovers to unique items like scales and lamps found at antique stores and thrift shops.  While it can be inspiring to see what someone does with something they purchased, it is more fun to be able to use that idea for something that you already have or can find.

That is why I always enjoy doing some thrift store transformations....I try use supplies that anyone can find at their local Goodwill, flea market, or yard sale and turn it into something completely different.  My favorite project is still the saucepot that I transformed into a stylish basket.  Today seemed like the day to take a break from working on things I plan to sell in a few months at the market I'm in and instead work my creative muscles to come up with a project that you could work on yourself.

As a bit of a shopaholic, I'm constantly picking cheap things up at stores that can be useful.  But since there is no real plan of what to do with them, those items sit boxed up and in the way.  As part of a desperate move to clean out some of these $1 or less finds, my "thrift store shopping" for this post involved looking through what I've already purchased.  But both things that I used can be easily picked up at just about anywhere you could find used items.

So what are we making?  A rustic farmhouse style cake (or dessert) stand......I'm really getting a Joanna Gaines vibe to this finished piece.  Are you seeing it?

If you're interested in copying this look (and please do!) you'll need an aged pie tin and a wood candlestick.  Simple enough to find?

The patina on this pie tin was really beautiful, but makes it a little scary to use for baking.  Seeing rust doesn't make me want to rush out to the kitchen an bake a blueberry pie for dessert.  Flipped upside down, however, it turns into the perfect surface for a unique stand.

The candlestick was painted and distressed with Fusion Mineral Paint in Ash.  I'm a fan of blacks and charcoals, but the color you paint your base should fit in with your style and home decor.  In this case, the charcoal color really does blend nicely with the aged metal.

Once the candlestick was dry, it was attached to the underside with a little Gorilla glue for a super tight bond.

Although I'm calling this a cake stand, it just as easily could hold a plate of chocolate chip cookies straight out of the oven.

And the uses don't have to be limited to just food.....

Place it beside your sink as a place to hold your dish soap and sponges.

Or in the corner of your desk it could become where you store your office supplies like pens and pencils, paper clips, or a stapler.

And maybe it's purpose is nothing more than purely decorative with a potted plant or candle sitting on top.

As is the case with many of my thrift store transformations, the possibilities are endless.  Make it in your style and use it for how it will best serve you and your home.

Now if you don't mind, I think it is time to make use of these cups and sit down for a hot cup of tea. Care to join me?

 Thankfully the day sounds like it will be warmer than yesterday when, believe it or not, we had snow....on the 15th of May.  Incredible....and not in a good way!

Thank you so much for stopping by today friends!


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