How to Make DIY Kitchen Decor from Vintage Cutting Boards

Do you have any wood cutting boards lying around that you 
don't know what to do with?  This tutorial will show you how to easily transform them 
into decorative DIY word art for your kitchen!

DIY Kitchen Art made from old cutting boards |

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It is no secret I enjoy transforming things I find at thrift stores and antique shops into something useful.  I've done it with glass vases, picture frames, and sauce pots, among other things.  Projects that are easy and take no time at all are also a plus.  Today's DIY meets all those qualifications.

DIY Cutting Board Word Art | Easy Tutorial at

I was invited by Havalah of Sisters, What! to join in a group for a monthly Pinterest Challenge.  We will all be taking something that we've pinned and actually making it!  Seriously, how often does that happen?  I pin A LOT, but unfortunately there are very few of those items that I ever try myself.

When she asked, I agreed to join in without a second thought, and also knew right away the project I would tackle first.

Pottery Barn is a constant source of inspiration for me.  As much as I love their products, I equally love the special items pictured that aren't for sale.  You know, the things they add to make the rooms look more cozy and real.  I saw this image, and knew that the boards on the wall were something I wanted to try myself....but in my own way.

Image via Pottery Barn
PHOTO CREDIT:  Pottery Barn

This project is so easy that it is hard to even write a tutorial for it!  The steps are pretty self explanatory.  Aside from the time it takes the paint to dry, it can be completed in almost no time at all.  And the idea can be customized for your own home and tastes.

Simple idea for transforming cutting boards into kitchen decor | Part of January's Pinterest Challenge at

Here's what you'll need:


Wood cutting boards
Wood letters from the craft store or Amazon
Jute twine

How to Make Wall Decor for the Kitchen using cutting boards, wood letters from the craft store, and jute twine |

Since these cutting boards were not old and beat up looking, I had to do a little damage myself.  How to you distress a cutting board? cutting on it!  Cut over and over in different places, and beat up the wood a little on the board along the edges.  

Along with being distressed from cutting, old boards typically are different shades of wood based on what has been cut on them in the past.  I used three different colors of stain (although two colors ended up looking pretty close to being the same).  You may want your cutting boards to be the same color, or you may even want to paint them.  The choice is entirely up to you.

You may be lucky enough to have access to old cutting boards.  If that is the case, just skip the first two steps.  

Also, if you don't want to permanently glue something onto an antique board, you can apply the letters (as long as they aren't too heavy) with double sided tape.  

And now the real project begins!

Paint and distress the wood letters that you bought.  Again, this part can totally be customized.  Use different styles of letters rather than ones that match.  Stain them rather than painting.  Skip the distressing if you like a clean look.  And use any word that you can think of that would be appropriate for the kitchen.


You get the point.  Any word that you want can be created...just make sure you buy enough cutting boards for whatever you want to spell.

When the letters are painted (and sanded), simply glue them onto the boards.  These boards were different heights, and I knew that I would be staggering them on the wall.  So, I lined them up how they would be hanging and then glued the letters on so that they would be in a straight line instead of the boards being in a straight line.

To finish the art off, wrap jute twine around the neck of each handle and tied it off in a knot.

Easy enough?

Fast and simple DIY for the kitchen walls | Cutting Board Word Art from

See how I styled a shelf in my kitchen using these cutting boards.

And I've also updated this idea by using pizza boards I found at an estate sale.

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DIY Cutting Board Word Art | Easy Tutorial at

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