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My In-Progress Barn Door for the Bathroom | ORC Week No. 7

June 17, 2020

See the progress I'm making on using an old wood door original to this house as a sliding barn door for the bathroom.

MACTAVISH HOUSE   |   Published June 17, 2020

It's week seven of the One Room Challenge, and today I've got just a quick update for you.

As you might remember from my entryway design plans, I'm installing a "barn door" on a track for the bathroom door.  While this kind of door isn't always ideal for a bathroom, it works best for this small area where a normal door cannot clear a light fixture that hangs down further than just the bare bulb that has been here for years.  I've closed in the door frame a bit to provide for a fully enclosed opening and I think this system will work well here for this house.

Probably about ten years ago, the garage beside the house was torn down.  I had rescued an old door being stored inside, although I had no clue what I would ever do with it.  Since then, it has lived in my shed (and oddly enough, for the last couple years, right beside the boards I used for my console table I shared last week.)

Fast forward to now, and I thought it would be the perfect door to use here in the entryway and was so glad that I had saved it from going to the dump years ago.  (Solid wood antique doors should never be thrown away, in my opinion.)

While I can't be sure where the door hung in the house, I would say it was the entry door into the living room because the interior side has the same layers of paint that the staircase did in the room.

If you followed along with the living room renovation, you may remember stories of the neverending paint removal process on the staircase.  And this door has unfortunately been no different.  I had big plans of having this door all done and installed for you today, but......I've just now got the paint off.

In order to get a smooth finish for the new paint, I realized it was all going to have to come off.....which meant in some places about 5 layers of paint.

  • I tried stripping the paint first, which helped a bit, but just as on the living room steps, the stripper didn't remove the paint like it claimed it would.
  • I sanded the door.
  • And in many places, I literally chipped the paint off with a putty knife.

So here we are now.  The door is being painted as we speak.  I've chosen Cracked Pepper from Valspar.

And I went with antique brass track hardware over the black that was shown in the original design.  I'm hoping it adds a nice contrast without being as in-your-face as the solid black was that I had considered.

Fingers crossed there are no issues getting the track installed this week, because the final room reveal happens next Thursday!  Hard to believe that after all this time with a delayed start and two extra weeks in this year's Challenge the reveal is just around the corner and I'm still scrambling!  I still have a few other small projects to finish up like painting my second hand mirror and installing the coat hooks.  But if all goes well, the room will be done.

Can't wait to show the final transformation with you next week!

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