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Keep Snowy Boots from Melting on Your Floors with this DIY Boot Tray

January 15, 2024

Snowy boots on baking sheet rack

During the winter, bringing snowy boots and shoes into the house in inevitable. This easy project for a DIY Boot Tray will allow shoes to dry thoroughly and keep the snow and water off of your floors.

WINTER   |   Updated March 11, 2024

Brown boot on boot tray

There is one thing I know to be true during the winter months.

If there is snow falling outside of your home, it is likely snow is being brought inside on everyone's boots and shoes.

Maybe it is from your children outside building snowmen. Or possibly your spouse shoveling the sidewalk. It just might be on your own shoes from going out to get the mail.

It doesn't matter who is outside or what they are doing....if you live in a snow-prone area, during the winter months you need a reliable way to make sure that the shoes dry out and snow doesn't end up melting on your precious floors.

A little prevention goes a long way in keeping your house clean during the messy winter months.

Brown boot covered with snow sitting on metal boot tray

There are pre-made boot trays you can buy. Many of them very decorative and pretty to look at, but can be a little pricey. (You can find a few of my favorite boot trays at the end of this post.) And if you do much searching at all you'll, find that most big-box stores are all marketing the same options at different price points.

Countless DIY projects for making your own homemade boot tray can be found online of mostly trays filled with pebbles and river rocks. While convenient, I find these harder to dry out after the boots have melted and you have to dump the tray without losing the stones.

But if you are looking for a basic tool to take care of those snow-covered boots and wet shoes, you really need to look no further than to gather a few items that would normally be used in the kitchen. It is easy to put together, takes no time at all, and is very budget-friendly! Plus, cleanup is very easy.

Brown snow boot covered with snow sitting on DIY boot tray.

Supplies You'll Need for a Homemade Boot Tray

All that you need to make a DIY boot tray this winter is a very basic rimmed baking sheet ★ and cooling rack that will fit inside.

Of course there is no need to spend a lot of money buying the best quality non-stick surface since you won't ever be baking with these. Something from the dollar store or Goodwill is perfect if you can find them. You may even have some already at your house that you've been meaning to donate.

An average size half-sheet pan should comfortably hold about two adult pair of boots (or more depending on their size). If you have a large family with multiple pair of snowy boots coming in at a time, you can buy a couple cookie sheets and racks. Or, restaurant supply stores sell large commercial sized versions of both of cookie sheets and cooling racks if you have the space in your mudroom.

Placing cooling rack inside baking sheet to make DIY Boot tray

How to Make a Baking Sheet Boot Tray

To make this homemade Boot Tray, you just set the cooling rack down inside of the baking pan and voila! A simple DIY rack to hold all the snowy shoes coming inside.

  • Because the boots are sitting up on the rack and completely off of the tray, the soles will dry easily as the snow melts off into the pan. The air is able to circulate around the bottom of the shoes rather than letting them sit in the water and the rim ensures water won't run off onto your floor.

  • When the snow is off and the shoes are dry, simply pour the water that has collected into the sink, dry the pan with a rag or paper towel, and you are ready for the next snowy day. You can even run it through the dishwasher to keep it clean.

  • The two pieces are able to be easily stored away until they are needed again and will last through many years of use.

Snow boots and scarf sitting in snow on a DIY boot tray

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to a few questions people have asked in the past about making their own homemade boot tray using a baking sheet and cooling rack. Still have a question? Feel free to email me and I'd be happy to help!

Will This Boot Tray Rust?

As long as you regularly empty the melted snow from the tray on a regular basis, you shouldn't have any problems with rust. Don't leave it sitting in the pan for days on end.

What is a Boot Tray Used For?

Whether you buy a manufactured boot tray or make one yourself, they keep mud, snow, and slush from ruining your floors by collecting the dirt and moisture in the tray that can be emptied out. They also help to preserve your shoes because the air is able to circulate around them as they dry.

Can a Boot Tray Be Used Year Round?

Absolutely! You can keep your boot tray out to hold wet shoes during the rainy season. It is also very useful for holding garden boots when you've come in from muddy conditions.

Can the Baking Sheet Be Painted?

While I have never tried using a boot tray made from a painted cookie sheet, I don't see why you can't as long as you use a paint made for metal and able to withstand contact with water. And be sure to empty the water from the sheet regularly.

How Do You Clean a Boot Tray?

A simple rinse in a little soapy water is all you need to keep your boot tray clean. You can also put it in the dishwasher. Then dry the pan and rack thoroughly with a towel or paper towel before placing it back on the floor or storing.

What Else Can You Use a Boot Tray For?

You can keep the boot tray out in the mudroom or entryway through all the seasons for holding wet and muddy boots and shoes. You could also utilize it under houseplants to ensure water doesn't get on your furniture or decor.

While it may not be quite as aesthetically pleasing as this $100+ option from Terrain, it gets the job done. And if you shop around for secondhand supplies, the project costs almost nothing at all to keep your floors protected.

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Prefer to Shop Online for a Boot Tray?

Here is a collection of stylish and utilitarian boot trays that I've found online for you to look through. You can use the left and right arrows to browse and click on the images to see more about the products. (I really love the quality of the WeatherTech boot trays and they are made in the USA!)


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Keep your floors dry this winter a DIY boot tray
During the winter, bringing snowy boots and shoes into the house in inevitable.  But this easy project for a DIY Boot Tray will allow the boots to dry thoroughly and keep the snow and water off of your floors. #DIY #winter #DIYhome #andersonandgrant
Must try this DIY Boot Tray this winter....such a smart idea! #DIY #winter #mudroom #simplify #andersonandgrant

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