Fixing a Loose Fitting Freezer Door with Vaseline

January 26, 2015

When the seal on your refrigerator or freezer is not tight, the appliance has to work harder and uses more energy.  Fixing the problem is surprisingly easy and cheap, however, and anyone can tackle it!

CLEAN + ORGANIZE   |   Published January 26, 2015

Thanks to Pinterest and the popularity of blogs, we spend a lot of time gathering inspiration for redesigning rooms in our homes, whipping up fantastic looking meals, and organizing from our attics to our basements.  But there are times when  I get a little overwhelmed by needing to do so much.  Some days I just want to see something that will take minutes rather than hours and spend cents rather than dollars.  It is nice to be able to find an idea that can be immediately put it into action and see results.  Are you with me on this?

Martha Stewart did this so well when she created "Good Things".  They were no-brainer kind of tips that made you question why you hadn't thought of that idea yourself.  Nothing was ever too complicated or time consuming.  Yet, that little idea had the ability to make life easier or more beautiful.

Well, there are a million (ok, maybe not a million, but quite a few) simple tricks rolling around in my head.  So today, I'm starting a new series of  quick tips....things anyone can do with a little time and little or no money to improve their lives.


Have you seen all the articles that tell you to do the dollar bill test to see if the seal of your refrigerator or freezer is working?  You know, where you close the door on the bill and if you can pull the money out easily then the seal is no longer air tight?  And when the seal is letting cold air escape and hot air come in, you are loosing energy (and money)?

So say you try this and find out that your fridge is indeed not sealing properly.  Now what?

You have to have the entire gasket (or the rubber around the door) replaced or buy a new refrigerator, of course!

Or do you?

I was having this problem with the freezer in my basement.  The seal was no longer air tight and the top would frost up very quickly.  The idea of replacing the gasket seemed like a very real possibility until organizer Peter Walsh came to my rescue.  Ok...he was on Rachel Ray, but what he said DID save me :)

The secret to fixing the seal of your refrigerator or freezer is.......Vaseline.    The same beauty supply that can be picked up for a couple of dollars at the grocery store or that you may already have in your bathroom.

Simply rub the Vaseline over the rubber gasket where it seals to the fridge or freezer.

And then close the door and be amazed.

Seriously, I doubted this would work.  But it has been close to four months since I tried the experiment and the freezer is still frost-free.

Unfortunately, if the gasket is torn or cracked this won't solve your problem.  But if all you need is a little help in forming a good seal again, this is your solution.  Quick, easy, and cheap!

Have you tried this solution before?

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