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Don't Forget This Tip When Entertaining During the Winter

January 18, 2016

basket of tan and black socks
Visitors always appreciate and remember the thoughtful gestures you make during their visit. One such idea is to keep a basket filled with slippers or heavy socks by the door during the cold winter months for your guests to wear so that their stay is comfortable and warm.

WINTER   |   Updated January 15, 2024

Basket filled with tan and black socks

The winter months can be cold and very messy.

When guests come to your home, they are often dressed in snowy, wet boots that must be removed at the door. If you expect your guests to take off their shoes, it is a thoughtful gesture to provide them with slippers or heavy socks to keep their feet warm while they visit.

Frequent visitors may bring their own, but for those that don't, it is an easy way to make your friends and family feel right at home while they are spending time with you.....without spending a lot of money.

Guest sock and slipper basket

The cozy slipper socks pictured here were purchased at Dollar Tree, so this tip isn't a thoughtful gesture that has to cost a lot. At about dollar a pair, you can even afford to let your guests take the socks home with them when they leave!

Target is the ideal place to find all different options for cozy socks and slippers in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns on a budget. They even have packs with multiple pair. And Boscov's has some great slipper sock options specifically for men.

Here are some of my favorite options. You can use the left and right arrows to scroll through the different socks and click on the images to learn more about that specific pair.

If you plan on washing the socks after each visit to use again and again, you'll want to be sure to invest in ones that will withstand frequent cleaning.

Cheaper socks tend to get stretched out and worn quickly and you don't want to present a basket full of socks that look like they've been worn by numerous people to your visitors.

tan socks lying beside basket of socks

A Few Tips to Think About When Putting Together a Sock Basket for Your Guests

  • If you have a friend, neighbor, or family member who makes frequent trips to your house, you could safety pin a nametag to their socks so that they are always ready for them to wear when they stop by.

  • I purchased neutral colored socks in tan and black so that they aren't gender specific or clash with anyone's clothing. You also aren't left with a basket filled with colors or patterns that no one wants to take.

  • If you see a lot of children visitors, you'll want to include socks in smaller sizes, too.

  • To dress up the basket, I added a simple "Stay Cozy" label using a manila shipping tag and a black colored pencil. Then I tucked in a small sprig of dried boxwood for a added special touch.

  • The basket can be easily tucked away in a coat closet and pulled out when your guests arrive, so you won't have extra clutter in your entry.

Handwritten "Stay Cozy" tag attached to basket

It is the seemingly small and somewhat simple things that make the biggest impact and are most remembered when someone visits your home. Taking the time to ensure your guests are comfortable during their stay is alway appreciated.

Another Helpful Winter Tip

Ensure that your floors stay dry from the melting snow and slush with this easy and budget-friendly DIY Boot Tray. It also works great for muddy garden boots in the spring!


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