Bacon Green Beans and 12 More Delicious Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes

Add a unique twist of flavor to fresh or frozen green beans by sauteing them with bacon and onions.....the perfect side dish for Sunday dinner.

Add extra flavor to your to your green beans with bacon and onions.  #recipe #vegetables #greenbeans #andersonandgrant

Of all the holidays that we celebrate, Thanksgiving is probably the one most focused on traditions.  From the meal you enjoy to the people you have around your table and the way you spend your afternoon, practically everyone has a set plan of how the day will go.

In my family, Thanksgiving dinner has always been held at my mom's house although the guest list has changed through the years.  And as far as I can remember, the menu has always been the same.....A golden roast turkey, homemade sage stuffing according to grandma's recipe, creamy mashed potatoes and gravy, fresh squash and cranberry jello salad.

Bacon and onion green beans...the perfect side dish for Sunday dinner.  #SideDish #vegetables #recipes #andersonandgrant

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There are some who are willing to try deep frying the traditional bird or adding ingredients like garlic to their potatoes.   But for most, the food you choose to serve on Thanksgiving isn't something that people are willing to experiment thanks to the traditions that have been passed on through the years.

I'm teaming up again with my blogging friends for another month of Tastes of the Season.  Today we are making sure that you are completely prepared for what to serve with your Thanksgiving turkey.   The complete list of everyone participating appears after my recipe in this post.

Click here for the best way to add flavor to your green beans. #greenbeans #vegetables #sidedish #recipe

When it was time to come up with a recipe to share today that you can serve for your upcoming Thanksgiving festivities, I wanted to find something that could compliment the traditional meal we already have.  Nothing far out or complicated, because Lord knows there is already enough food to prepare on the big day.  And I was searching for a dish that practically anyone would enjoy.

Delicious twist to ordinary green beans.  Check out this recipe for Bacon and Onion Green Beans.  #recipe #vegetables #sidedishes #andersonandgrant

I'm not a fan of most vegetables, but one that I will gladly eat is green beans, which is a side that many people choose to include on their Thanksgiving menu.  And I find that every food is better when a little bacon is added, so this side dish of Bacon Green Beans is one of my favorites.  And it is perfect to accompany just about any meal during the year and doesn't need to be saved just for the fall holiday.

It is a simple recipe to make and can be done in one single pan.  A seasoned cast iron skillet is ideal because of the flavor it can impart on you food.  But if you don't have one, any skillet will do.

And while the recipe calls for frozen green beans, feel free to substitute fresh ones if they are available for an even better taste.  Just be sure to wash and trim the beans before adding them to the pan.


Warm your serving dish in the microwave before 
adding the cooked green beans.  
It will keep your vegetables warmer as 
everyone fills their plates.

Add flavor to fresh or frozen green beans by sauteing them with bacon and onions  #recipe #vegetable #sidedishes #andersonandgrant


Makes six to eight servings 

1/2 pound of bacon, chopped
1 small onion, diced
1 pound of frozen green beans
Salt and pepper to taste

In a large cast iron skillet, saute the bacon over medium heat until it is cooked, but not yet crispy.  Add the diced onion to the pan and continue cooking until the bacon has become crispy and the onions transparent.

Transfer the mixture to a plate, reserving about a Tablespoon of the bacon grease in the skillet.  Put the beans in the pan.  (It is not necessary to thaw them first.)  Season them to your liking with salt and pepper.  Saute the beans for about 5 minutes, stirring them occasionally so that they do not stick.  Then add the bacon mixture back into the pan and continue to cook for about another 5 minutes or until the beans are tender.

Pour the bacon and onion green beans into a dish and serve immediately.


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Green Beans Sauted in Bacon and Onions #recipes #sidedish #vegetables #greenbeans #andersonandgrant

So whether you go traditional in your Thanksgiving meal this year or break out of the box to experiment, I hope that you will consider serving this simple side dish to accompany your turkey.  Your guests are sure to love the flavor and you'll enjoy how simple it is to put together.



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