Tips for Decorating Your Fall Porch

September 19, 2016

As the weather grows cooler, your front porch or patio can become the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors. Learn what you need to do to create a space as cozy as the indoors of your home.

FALL   |   Updated September 17, 2023

As you decorate your home this fall, don't forget about giving some attention to the outdoors as well.

Summer can be hot, making it tough to enjoy spending time outside. But the autumn months are cooler and ideal for relaxing and entertaining. It is worth the little bit of added effort to put your decorative touch on your porch or patio.

My goal is to inspire you with ideas for how you can make your own deck cozy this fall. Even if you only have a tiny balcony, there are things you can do to create a beautiful outdoor space. Allow me give you a few ideas.


Make It Cozy

I enjoy cuddling up on cool evenings under a warm throw, and that doesn't only have to happen when I'm sitting in the living room. While you are outside gazing at the stars on a chilly fall evening, you may want to wrap up in a wool blanket.

I also added a linen covered throw pillow I picked up recently onto the chair to create a comfy place to sit. A little candle white candle has been placed on the coffee table to provide more ambience.

Bring the Inside Out

Many times when we are decorating our homes, we bring some of the outdoors inside by decorating with things like branches and leaves. But the exact opposite can be true when decorating outside during the autumn months.

I moved some of my most favorite decor items like my rustic ladder, vintage cheesebox, and tall lantern outside to add a decorative touch. The ladder and box are under cover where they won't get wet and I can easily bring the lantern inside if a storm is coming.

Even the bench being used as a coffee table brings a little bit more of that inside homey feeling to that back patio.

Stock Up On The Basics

During the fall, you shouldn't have to think too hard about what to decorate your own porch with as long as you focus on the basics. Your decor will be complete with the addition of at least some of them.

What are the fall basics to consider?

  • mums - In a single shade or pick a coordinating variety...have a colorful mix or all white. Fill a large container or add a single small plant to a clay pot.

  • pumpkins and gourds - Again the option is there to stick with your style preferences. There are so many shapes, colors, and shades of pumpkins and gourds.

    I've used a mix here, but it is equally as lovely to stick to a single type. For neutral lovers, I love to see a curated collection of green shaded pumpkins and gourds in different textures and shades.

    I always like to stock up during the after fall sales on some cheap faux versions to mix in year after year witht the real variety.

  • corn stalks - Corn stalks scream simple farmhouse fall and can be used to accent your home in different ways. Tie them around your porch columns. Frame your front entryway door. They look really interesting surrounding lamposts in the yard. Use them plain or attach faux flowers and leaves onto the center with a decorative bow or twine.

  • hay bales - Hay bails are great for adding texture and creating a display place where things like pumpkins can be put out on different levels adding height to the entire vignette.

    And you don't have to visit a farm to get them, because craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels have them in different sizes ready for your fall decorating. (If this is an idea you'd like to try next year, be sure to check these places out after Thanksgiving because they normally have them heavily discounted.)

All these items can be picked up fresh at your local hardware stores and farm markets.

Don't Put Summer Away Quite Yet

In addition to some decor items from my home, I also left out some things used during the summer.

  • My copper watering can, which is still useful for watering the mums, looks right at home in front of the hay bales. The copper color is perfect in the fall

  • A few extra clay pots emptied of their dying summer flowers fill in the shelf area of my coffee table bench.

  • And while I didn't show it here, I normally like leaving some of my summer flowers (like marigolds or dusty miller) that are still thriving and adding in the mums and fall flowers into the posts. I can't stand throwing away plants that still look great and they help provide a full and varied pot when mixed in with your fall additions.

Add Some Unexpected Details

When decorating indoors, I always say that you should use layers and create different levels to your display. As I was setting my pumpkins around the porch, I realized that is also true outside.

  • A few wood rounds boost up some pumpkins and look natural being outdoors.

  • In addition, the hay bales provide an opportunity to move your eye around the natural vignette.

  • Even having pumpkins on each of the stairs guides visitors along and draws them into the setting before they've even stepped foot on the porch.

I also broke off a few of the corn cobs that had been left on the cornstalks and tucked them into my displays. Imagine my happy surprise when I pulled the husks back to reveal not corn, but Indian corn!

Extra gathered leaves are a fun addition to scatter around the pumpkins and decor. As long as there is something sitting on top of them or they are tucked in well, the tend to stick where they are placed.

By spending a little time creating this outdoor space, I'm actually encouraged to go outside and enjoy the lovely weather and beautiful scenery. And I love looking out of my patio door and seeing the special fall touches that have been placed there.

I hope you've gained a few ideas that you can incorporate into your outdoor living area this fall.

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