5 Things Your Rooms Need to Have this Fall Decorating Season

September 8, 2023

Learn the five things you should be adding to your fall home this season.

Are you looking for the feeling of warmth in your home this fall?  The feeling that each item has been individually selected and placed inside each room? Read on to learn the five things you should focus on when decorating this autumn (or any season) that will give you the collected and styled look that you desire.

FALL   |   Updated September 8, 2023

The five things every collected fall home needs to have.

So often, I look at different spaces online or in magazines and marvel at how collected they look....how it looks like they've spent years gathering everything needed for this one styled room.

What is it that makes a room seem homey and decorated without seeming overly designed (or not designed at all)?

Learn five things you should be adding to every room in your home this fall to get the feeling of warmth and decor that has been collected over time.

Your First Step to a Well-Designed Fall Home

For one thing, I think it is important to shop at a variety of places to achieve a curated look. You can't fill your home with just Hobby Lobby purchases or Home Goods finds and expect your home to look like anything other than the store's showroom.

Can you think back to the days of Home Interior parties where everyone's homes were filled with the same pictures, mirrors, vases, and candles? For fall, you could count on the "it" piece of new decor for the year, a few fall leaf branches and garlands to choose from and fall colored votive cups.

Those shows were helpful in giving ideas of how to decorate with what you purchased and affordable decor, but you were never going to end up with a vignette that was unique unless you strayed from using JUST your newly purchased Home Interior haul. Your home was never going to feel like you, because everyone was decorating their homes in a similar fashion.

I think now we are all leaning towards wanting a more individualized look....something that has been curated over time (or looks like it has been). We want our home to feel like our own creation.

Every home should have these five items to achieve a collected and curated look to your decorating.

It is possible to find your "look" in just about any store. Maybe it is just a single piece that speaks to you, but if you look hard enough there will be something that will likely fit in with the style you're creating regardless of where you shop.

Branch out and shop in some different stores to see what you can find. Go into some second hand or thrift shops. Take a trip into a craft store like Michaels or JoAnn Fabrics for a single pillow or decorative piece. Browse the home section of your local department store.

Every vignette needs a little vintage and a little nature - read on to find out what else you need for warmth in your fall decor.

In addition to shopping at different stores, I think there are five things every room should have to create that layered, collected-over-time, unique-to-me home. These characteristics can show up in the furniture, decor, or textiles you use in a space. Each one adds a different feel and most importantly the contrast that a space (or vignette) needs whether it is fall, Christmas, or everyday.

Looking for more warmth or a cohesive look to your fall decorating - Read this post to find out the five things every room needs.



Vintage and antique pieces provide character to any space and a touch of unique, one-of-a-kind personality. Using authentic finds with chipped paint, wood with patina, vintage fabric, or aged brass will add a layer of dimension and warmth to your rooms that no straight-off-the shelf purchase now can do. Plus, they can serve as a great conversation starter when you search for things out of the ordinary.

In my entryway for fall, I've included a vintage framed print for the season that I picked up a few weeks ago at Goodwill for $3. Don't ever think that you have to buy the best antiques or spend a lot of money on them. The picture is leaning against an aged antique mirror.  I also love to use old books to add height and in this case, break up the wood table from the similar "wood" vase.

(And if you can't find any real vintage prints, Etsy has some beautiful reproduction pictures under $10 that you can print and frame yourself. I really like the ones from Olive & Oak and Heirloom Print Shop.)

Everything you need to decorate a fall home that is warm and cohesive.


When I say new, I don't mean you have to go out and buy something else at the store (or that it can't be second hand), but rather your room should have something made during the current times to contrast against the something old mentioned above. Newly manufactured pieces tend to be "perfect" with clean edges and smooth painted finishes.

This sculptural acorn vase and resin pumpkin are my new items here on the console table.

Tips for adding a warm, curated feel to your fall home.


Much like the something old, a handmade piece is another way to give your home a look and feel unlike anyone else. And it is especially nice if the item has been made (or updated) by you. These pieces add interest when you consider the time and love that went into crafting them.

Back when I was renovating this space earlier in the year, I constructed the console table using the lumber I had saved from my childhood sandbox. I love the rustic wood and the unique way that I was able to repurpose something my dad had built for me when I was a kid.

Add these five things to your fall home to make it warm, cozy, and unlike anyone else.


Anytime you are decorating, you should always try to include something from nature, even if it has to be a fake replica, like a plastic pumpkin in the fall. Bring a little of the outdoors inside by including a potted plant, cut flowers, or even pine cones.

The trees haven't really started changing here for the season yet, so rather than adding ordinary branches into my acorn vase, I opted instead to do a few trims to the rhododendron bush outside. These branches have a very sculptural look to them and are surviving nicely inside the house. I also scattered some dried leaves in a lighter green shade that contrast with the deep green of the rhododendron leaves.

Easy ways to add personality and one-of-a-kind charm to your home this fall.

Simple ways to add  modern farmhouse charm to your fall home.


Every display (and room) needs texture to contrast against the clean lines and smooth surfaces. These are the things that make your hands want to reach out to feel them. Rough woods, different textiles, and metals all add a nice look to your space regardless of your style.

In addition to the rough texture of the console table, I've also placed a jute rug on the floor and folded a woven throw on the chair.

Simple ideas for adding personality and warmth to your fall home.

Style your entryway or other rooms for fall with these five must haves.

If you are struggling to get your decor just right this fall, I hope this post has given you something to think about. Most important, though, is that you find a way to create a space that feels like home regardless of your decorating style, skill level, or the decor you place inside.


Learn to add a curated, collected feel to your fall home by adding these five things.


Tour this modern farmhouse entryway and learn 5 things you should add to every room for warmth and a collected feel.
These 5 things are a must for every room in your home this fall.

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