Early Fall Living Room Tour

September 15, 2023

This living room is packed with inspiration for decorating your own modern farmhouse home for fall.

Have a look at my modern farmhouse living room decorated for an early fall with neutrals and pops of gold.

FALL   |   Updated September 15, 2023

Be inspired to decorate for fall like this modern transitional farmhouse living room.

No one says that you have to jump right into the fall decorating season and fill the house with orange, red, yellow, and pumpkins galore.

Since this is still early September I'm kind of easing into the autumn and can always add more of the typical fall decor and color later.

Actually, if you have a lot of decorations or don't always feel like your home feels cozy and cohesive because you've got too much going on, having two "collections" of decor can help you spread things out and alleviate some of the overwhelm that happens when you've got totes full of stuff and no clue what to do with it all.

Must read tips for adding a simple fall style to your modern farmhouse living room.

This modern transitional living room is updated for fall with a gray blue and gold color scheme and decor.

Easy styling tips for a neutral farmhouse fall living room.

All the inspiration you need for decorating your own modern transitional farmhouse living room for fall.

When it comes to doing home tours, I'm never quite sure exactly what to talk about, probably because I am a visual person who most enjoys just looking at the pictures.

So for today, we'll keep the chatter to a minimum and I'll just let you wander through my living room as you'd like sharing only when there is actually something worthwhile to say.

Simple fall styling tips for your modern farmhouse living room.

Take a tour of this modern farmhouse all decorated for fall with neutral colors and pops of gold.

The actual inspiration for this space came from some plaid fabric I picked up at Hobby Lobby for pillows. It just so happened to coordinate with a Hello Pumpkin pillow from JoAnn Fabrics that I bought a few years ago.

Be inspired for decorating your own modern farmhouse living room for fall with this neutral space.

And from there, I tried to stick to a muted gold and steel blue palette with my favorite green oak leaves tucked in various places. Like I said, it's an early fall space so later those green leaves can be replaced with more appropriate fall colors.

Great fall styling ideas for your modern farmhouse in this post!

The gold tones were repeated in the glass vases on the coffee table and (faux) bundle of goldenrod mixed with some real branches cut from my walnut tree.

I think goldenrod is a beautiful fall "flower", but my allergies would never allow me to bring it into the house. Mixing the real with the fake makes it all seem less artificial.

Fall is here and you must read this post for ideas about how to decorate your own modern farmhouse living room for the season.

Simple ways to decorate your fall living room in your modern farmhouse.

On the mantel are two magnolia leaf garlands filled with pine cones, greenery, and orange berries hung asymmetrically near the edge.

To add a little more oomph to the right side, I tucked in some Christmas pine that coordinates with the greenery already in the garland. You really can't see it, but it adds some height to the portion resting behind the candlesticks.

Be inspired for decorating your own modern farmhouse living room for fall with ideas from this post.

Ideas for decorating your modern farmhouse living room and mantel for fall.

Be inspired to decorate your own modern farmhouse for fall

Easy ways to decorate your living room mantel for the fall season.

On my handmade picture ledge shelves (learn how to make your own here), I placed various fall decor including a seasonal quote and black and white leaf sketch. These two pieces of "art" are available here for you to download and use in your own home, absolutely free.

I tried to repeat the antique brass used elsewhere in the room over here with the smaller frame.

Give your fall decor a minimalist look with these black and white fall prints to frame.

See how these narrow picture ledge shelves are transformed for fall with a variety of decor and leaves.

Decorate for free this fall with these black and white minimalist printables!

And tucked in the corner at the bottom of the staircase, I added my rustic wood ladder for height with a fiddle leaf fig I bought at TJ Maxx and a dark wood pumpkin from Home Goods.

Simple fall arrangement in the corner of living room

Great inspiration for decorating your farmhouse living room for fall.

Now let's take one last glance around the room....

So much seasonal decorating inspiration packed into this small living room for fall.

Take a tour of this modern farmhouse living room decorated for fall in a neutral color palette.

Check out this post packed with seasonal decorating ideas for your modern farmhouse fall living room.

A modern farmhouse style living room decorated for fall with neutrals and gold.



Be inspired to style your own fall living room with ideas in this modern transitional space decorated in neutral colors.

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