Friday Favorites #48

There is a bit of exciting news that I've been keeping for a little while now.....

I'm excited to say that I'm working with my first interior design client on her living room remodel.  It has been such a pleasure to be able to take what she and her husband are looking for and actually put it into a design.  Working in interior decorating has been a dream of mine since college, and I've been so grateful for the opportunity.  Sometime soon I will be sharing some of what I put together for you to see here.  

With all the fabulous products I've been finding, I've also been inspired me to do a little virtual decorating.  It is a lot of fun to take some favorite furniture and design styles and add them into a "room" just to see what it would look like together.  I can't wait to finish some designs up and share them with you!

And now onto the reason why you are here today......

I always like my favorites each Friday (hence the name), but this week I really feel as though I love the six ideas that I've chosen.  It is such a great feeling when you can be truly inspired while browsing through the internet, reading a book or magazine, or watching the newest "Fixer Upper."  Any of these images something you favorite as well?

DIY Homemade Microwave Popcorn

Did you know that you can make your own microwave popcorn and avoid the artificial butters and flavoring found in what you buy at the store?  Believe it or not, but it can be made in an ordinary paper lunch bag and seasoned with real butter and as much salt as you'd like.

Friday Favorites #47

Happy Friday everyone!  Thank you so much for stopping by to visit today.  Will anyone agree with me that the week has just flown by?  It was quite snowy here in PA for a few days and that always makes me feel like I need to rush through the day to get home from work and snuggle under a cozy throw.  The snuggling doesn't get much work done, though, does it?  Oddly enough, tomorrow is supposed to get up to 50 degrees before dropping back to another snowstorm mid-week.  The joy of El Nino!

Now that we've got the weather out of the way, let's have a look at my favorite pictures and links from the week, shall we?

Easy Tip for Storing Wet Rags and Towels Until Laundry Day

Do you need a place to keep all your damp towels and rags until laundry day? A wet bag normally used for diapers is the perfect solution.  |

I really wish that I could claim the credit for today's idea, but it belongs completely to I Heart Organizing.  Last year, Jen wrote a post about what she does to keep her wet and dirty rags cleaned up and it was one of those ideas that make you instantly wonder....

A |   Why you hadn't thought of this yourself?  and

B |   How quickly can you start implementing this idea in your own home?  (In my case, it took a year.)

How to Create a Unique DIY Picture Frame to Display Photos

A basic thrift store wood frame is repurposed into an industrial farmhouse style place to display your treasured family photos.

An old wood frame has been turned into a unique way to display photos with a little hardware cloth and clothespins.

One of the most meaningful things to decorate your home with is family photos.  Whether they are current photos of your husband and children or decades old pictures of ancestors, they showcase people who are important to you.  You can keep those loved ones close by even if they are no longer with you or live thousands of miles away.  A single photograph can transport you back to a time filled with joy, happiness, and fond memories.  All things we should treasure.

Friday Favorites #46

Happy Friday my friends.  It is always my favorite (week)day and today is extra special because it is my birthday.  I'm turning 33, but really don't feel that old.....not sure whether that is a good thing or not.  It doesn't seem like that long ago since it was exciting to finally reach 21!

It has been quite awhile since I put together a Friday favorites post and I'm very excited to have it make it's return.  So, here are some of my favorite images and links from the week.  Have a great one!

4 Accounts You Should Be Following on Instagram

I fought it for quite awhile, but over the past few months I've become quite enamored with Instagram. I'm a very visual person and Instagram is really a platform for an instant piece of visual inspiration.  While bloggers everywhere are trying to create picture perfect images for their blog posts, Instagram is a place that can often provide a snapshot of everyday life.  It gives a little glimpse into people's lives and habits at any given moment.  Even posting a single "perfect" image from a blog post can seem more special uploaded by itself.

Since the beginning of the year, one of my goals has been to limit my time wasted  spent on social media, mainly Pinterest and Instagram.  Time is so easily lost in a sea of images.  Anything that is done and seen too much begins to loose it's appeal.....the fun is gone.

IMAGE CREDIT:  Lark & Linen

DIY Pizza Board Kitchen Decor

When creating any DIY project, it is important to keep an open mind.  
Finding a unique way to replicate an idea or using an out of the box supply 
makes it completely your own!

Create a unique piece of kitchen decor using an old pizza board.  ||

A little over a year ago, I published one of my most popular DIY projects, a set of three cutting boards that spelled the word EAT.  The post has been viewed a large number of times, I've sold the sets in my online store, and it was even published in a magazine.  But obviously all of the cutting boards in the western half of Pennsylvania have been purchased now because I cannot find a single board anymore that isn't more than $9 apiece.  I still receive requests for orders but have a few that I've been unable to fill due to the cost of the old boards.

How to Clean Your Vacuum Cleaner

Learn the tips for cleaning your vacuum cleaner that can help it run more efficiently, 
make less noise, and last longer.

How to Clean Your Vacuum Cleaner for more efficient cleaning #cleaning #homekeeping #andersonandgrant

One of my goals this year is to have a clean(er) and more organized home, so from time to time I'm going to be sharing some steps to accomplishing this at your own house.

Our homes get filled with dirt and dust pretty quickly, even if you are a good housekeeper.  Things like debris from outside, hair, and crumbs can easily settle in your space.  As long as you sweep up on a regular basis, there is no problem.

But those things are never going to get cleaned up if you vacuum cleaner is not running efficiently.  The problem may even get worse.  The tools that are meant to keep your home clean must be clean themselves in order to do their job effectively and efficiently.

10 Classic Sofa Styles for Your Living Room

Overwhelmed when trying to find the perfect sofa for your living room?  
These 10 classic couches are perfect for any space.

Cozy and Rustic Living Room

Buying a sofa is a costly investment and most likely, it is the dominant piece of furniture in your living room.  It is not something that you want to regret purchasing.  So where do you even begin to make a decision about which one is right for you?

Between shopping online and going to furniture stores, there are thousands of options out there.  That can get pretty overwhelming!   When shown so many different styles and fabric options, it can be easy to pick something that a few years down the road you wish you hadn't bought.  Because this is a piece of furniture that you're hoping will last for some time, it is wise to choose a plain neutral fabric and classic shape.  In my opinion, this is one area where you don't want to follow the trends.  The accessories like pillows and throws as well as more inexpensive furniture like a coffee table are the way to add pops of color and bits of style to your living room.

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