DIY Homemade Microwave Popcorn

Learn how to make homemade microwave popcorn that is completely natural. #popcorn #recipes #snackrecipes #healthyrecipes

I am a girl who loves to snack.  (Potato chips and Dr. Pepper are always in my house.)  But from time to time, I also enjoy a heaping bowl of salty popcorn slathered in butter.  It is a quick and easy snack that is even considered healthy (before the butter and salt, of course).  A few minutes in the microwave and your treat is ready to eat.

But after awhile, the microwave popcorn available in the grocery store started to make me a little ill.  The overwhelming taste of the (fake) butter and all of the additional not-so-good-for-you ingredients led me to investigate making microwave popcorn myself.  Of course Pinterest led me to the solution and I've been making popcorn like this for years.

This recipe creates a simple and delicious snack that is not only natural but very economical.  And you probably have the supplies already in your house.

Love making popcorn at home, but hate the chemicals and taste of store bought microwave popcorn?  Check out the easy solution to making homemade popcorn. #popcorn #recipes #snackrecipes #healthyrecipes

How to Make Homemade Microwave Popcorn #recipes #homemade #snackrecipes #andersonandgrant

This recipe will make approximately the same amount as a typical microwave bag of popcorn.  You are welcome to cut the recipe in half, but will need to adjust the cooking time in order to keep the popcorn from burning.  Regardless of how much you make, you'll want to pull the bag from the microwave when the kernels stop popping at a rapid rate.

How to make homemade microwave popcorn - much better alternative to store bought #recipes #popcorn #snacks #andersonandgrant


You'll need:
1/2 cup popcorn kernels
Salt to taste
Melted butter, to taste (I use between two and three Tablespoons)
Brown paper lunch bag

Pour the popcorn kernels into the lunch bag.  Fold the top over twice. Don't staple or tape the isn't necessary. 

Place the bag on it's side in the microwave.  Set the microwave for about three to five minutes (or use your microwave's popcorn setting).  Your machine may take more or less time.  When you notice that the popcorn has a second in between each pop, stop the microwave.  Don't allow it to continue popping for too long or it will burn.

Take the popcorn out and add as much salt and butter as you'd like.  The butter can be melted on the stove.  I actually have a Hot Topper which is an electric butter melter that sprays the butter onto the popcorn.  Did you ever have one of these things?  It is probably just about as old as I am, but makes the job of buttering the popcorn so easy!  (It works for buttering your corn on the cob, too.) 

Learn how to make microwave popcorn using popcorn kernels and a brown paper lunch bag. #recipes #snacks #homemade #natural

If the thought of  making your popcorn in a brown paper bag kind of freaks you out (although it shouldn't) there is a red silicone cup that you can buy that is microwave safe.  You add the kernels inside, fold over the top and follow the same directions.

You'll never buy store bought microwave popcorn again after trying this all natural recipe #recipe #popcorn #snackrecipe #andersonandgrant

I'm a popcorn purist, but if you enjoy switching up the flavors of your snack here are some options....

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All natural Homemade Microwave Popcorn #recipes #popcorn #snackrecipes #andersonandgrant

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