DIY Pizza Board Kitchen Decor

February 9, 2016

When creating any DIY project, it is important to keep an open mind. Finding a unique way to replicate an idea or using an out of the box supply makes it completely your own!

CREATE   |   Published February 9, 2016

Create a unique piece of kitchen decor using an old pizza board.  ||

A little over a year ago, I published one of my most popular DIY projects, a set of three cutting boards that spelled the word EAT.  The post has been viewed a large number of times, I've sold the sets in my online store, and it was even published in a magazine.  But obviously all of the cutting boards in the western half of Pennsylvania have been purchased now because I cannot find a single board anymore that isn't more than $9 apiece.  I still receive requests for orders but have a few that I've been unable to fill due to the cost of the old boards.

A beat up pizza board is repurposed into a piece of decor for a rustic kitchen.  ||

I did run into a pile of pizza boards, however, at an estate sale and scooped them up knowing that something similar could be done with them.  The woman having the sale was a former restaurant owner so I was able to buy a few unique items that had been used at her business.  It is always a great joy for me to run into different things at yard sales and thrift stores.  I'm always hunting for treasures I've never seen before or could use in special ways.

One of the most exciting things about reading blogs and seeing projects on Pinterest is figuring out how to do the same project, but in your own way with the items that you have available to you.  With all of the repurposing projects out there, it is sometimes hard to recreate exactly what you see.  But just keep an open mind when you are out shopping and you'd be surprised at the creative ideas you'll come up with using completely different materials.

Learn how to make this rustic kitchen decor for your home using a repurposed cutting board.  |

The pizza boards started out a very red-orange color, but after doing some sanding, they took on more of a rustic tone.  Originally I had planned to stain the wood or even paint it, but after sanding them, I really love how the wood naturally looks.  The many cuts that are drawn across the boards showing their years of use really add character and charm to these boards.

An old pizza board and some unfinished letters from Michaels are transformed into some rustic kitchen decor.

To make this project a little different than last year's version, I tied a few sprigs of faux boxwood onto the handle with jute twine and knotted it.  This simple step breaks up the plainness of the board, and I'm always a fan of boxwood!

The skinny wood letters are from Michaels.  (There are also many options on Amazon if you need a different size.)  I stained the bare wood first with Rustoleum American Walnut stain and then painted the letters a dark charcoal color with Fusion Mineral Pain in Ash.

After distressing the letters with a little sandpaper, they were ready to be glued onto the pizza boards.  Any craft glue or wood glue will work.

That's all there is to this project.  It is so simple, but creates a unique piece of decor for your kitchen.   The pizza board can then be hung on the wall or placed on a shelf with some other farmhouse style finds.


A rustic piece of art for your kitchen shelf!  |

Decorate your kitchen with this rustic pizza board and some vintage kitchen finds.  |

An old pizza board is repurposed into art for the kitchen.  |

Unique rustic art for the kitchen....a great DIY project using an old cutting board.  |


pizza board:  Ebay  |  Fusion mineral paint:  Amazon   |  twine:  Amazon  |  wood letters:  Amazon

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