Basket of Cozy Slippers for Your Guests

Keep a basket filled with slippers or heavy socks by the door during the cold winter months 
for your guests to wear during their visit to your home.

Fill a basket with heavy socks or slippers for your guests to wear while they visit your home.  ||

From time to time, I enjoy sharing a quick tip that you can instantly put into use at your own home.  So often blog posts are filled with time consuming DIY projects and whole room decorating inspiration.  With our busy schedules and jam-packed days, it is nice to have an idea that takes no time at all to improve your life or space.

The Decorating with Antlers Trend | Yea or Nay

Last week, I was taking a look at many of the pins that I've been saving on Pinterest and saw a few patterns.  One of them was the use of antlers in decorating.  While I can't say that I actually would use this trend in my own space, they seem to be popping up in the styled rooms that I like.  And I think the look may be growing on me.

On one hand, the thought of decorating with antlers reminds me of being in a man cave filled with someone's hunting trophies.  Buck heads on the wall.....stuffed turkeys sitting on the floor....and dark wood paneled walls.  Not my type of decor.

Is decorating with antlers a trend of something here to stay?  Check out this post with inspiration for including this look into your own decor.  ||

Rustic Farmhouse Decor I Want to Buy but Could DIY

Do you get that horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach in late December or early January when the Visa bill shows up in your mailbox?  You know, the one with all the Christmas gifts for everyone (and yourself), holiday decorations, and dining out?  It all sort of makes you feel like following the trend and giving the gift of a memory next ice skating.....for 5 dollars at the local pond.  

All kidding aside, I think most of us start out the new year wanting to scale back on our spending yet still wanting to shop. I always have the best of intentions to have a bit of a spending freeze for a few months to recover.  And in the midst of the freeze, it never fails that I come across many things I want to buy.  For me, not shopping also must involve not browsing because I am likely to find something to buy wherever I go.

Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix and How To Give It A Peanut Butter Twist

Hot chocolate is a must have beverage in the cold winter months.  Learn how to make your own homemade mix to add to warm milk and also how to give it a peanut butter twist.

Decorating for Winter and Tips for Your Own Home

Learn some easy tricks for decorating your home for winter 
without spending a lot of time or money.

Rustic Decorating for Winter from anderson + grant

While some people hate to see their Christmas decorations come down, I always find this time of year a bit refreshing.  After months of having the house full of decorations for fall and winter, it is nice to have a bit of a clean slate.    It is the perfect time of year to really do a bit of deep cleaning and sorting through the decorations you've collected.

We all want to start our year out fresh and begin new things with our life, and it is just as important to do it with your home as well.  Now is the time to really experiment with finding some new and interesting ways to make use of the decor that you have to transition your home through the winter.

2016 Words of the Year

Hello everyone!  It feels so good to be sitting here typing at my laptop once again after taking a few weeks away to enjoy the holidays.  The weeks around the Christmas holiday are always my time to regroup after a year of blogging and plan where I'd like to see my life go in the new year.

Are you having a successful start to 2016?

Enjoying a cup of coffee this winter.  ||

For the past few weeks, I've been attempting to put this post together filled with my plans and visions for 2016.  Believe me.....I've got a lot.  But actually putting everything into words and coherent sentences has been difficult.  I would type and then backspace to erase.....I completed a paragraph and then started rewriting a completely new one.  These beginning of the year posts always tend to get pretty reflective, and sometimes border on whiny and I wanted to avoid that.

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