Decorating for Winter and Tips for Your Own Home

January 11, 2016

Learn some easy tricks for decorating your home for winter without spending a lot of time or money.

WINTER   |   Published January 11, 2016

Rustic Decorating for Winter from anderson + grant

While some people hate to see their Christmas decorations come down, I always find this time of year a bit refreshing.  After months of having the house full of decorations for fall and winter, it is nice to have a bit of a clean slate.    It is the perfect time of year to really do a bit of deep cleaning and sorting through the decorations you've collected.

We all want to start our year out fresh and begin new things with our life, and it is just as important to do it with your home as well.  Now is the time to really experiment with finding some new and interesting ways to make use of the decor that you have to transition your home through the winter.

A bottle brush tree covered in snow makes a perfect decoration for winter.  |

Today I'd like to share a bit of my own winter decorating with you and give you a few behind the scenes tips for using things you may have around the house, but may never have thought of using in your decor.  Our goal is to make the house warm and cozy to get us through the dark, dreary cold months.  That doesn't have to be difficult or involve using a lot of knicknacks.  You just have to think creatively to find what you need.

Learn unique tips for creating a cozy home this winter.  |

It is not necessary to put away all of the decorations that you used for the holidays.  Leaving some things out can provide a nice transition through the winter months.  Just remove anything that screams Christmas, like something that say Merry Christmas or red and green ornaments.  Now is the time to focus more on the whites and silvers that give the feeling of snow and ice.  Snowmen are always a festive touch through January.

On my coffee table/trunk, I placed a cloche filled with pinecones on a slab of wood.  Rounds like this can be picked up at a craft store like Hobby Lobby or Michaels, but I actually purchased this one at a consignment shop for just one dollar. It has a decoupaged picture on the other side.  While I'm not a fan of the craft project that someone once created, no one will be picking this piece of wood up to see the other side so it works perfectly to just flip it over and set things on top.

I surrounded the cloche with a few snowy bottlebrush trees that decorated my home for Christmas.

Simple winter decorating....fill a cloche with pinecones gathered from the yard.  |

A collection of bottlebrush trees covered in snow....simple winter decor.  |

The chair in the corner of the room looks like a cozy place to sit and relax, doesn't it?  I kept out a stag pillow from Parris Chic Boutique that I used during the holidays, as well as this cozy gray and white throw.

Another little secret, just between us?  The throw is actually a winter scarf from Target.  With the popularity of huge scarves this year, I've been finding ways to incorporate the cozy textures into my home as well as around my neck!

A cozy place to sit during the cold winter months.  |

Handmade deer pillow created by Parris Chic Boutique

The rustic old footstool in front of the chair was a gift from my mom this past Christmas.  I love the bluish gray color with my winter decor.  It is the perfect place to rest my feet (or my morning cup of coffee!)  The adorable mug cozy is also from  Parris Chic Boutique.

A knitted cozy to keep your winter beverage warm.

Rustic antique stool

To fill in the empty space behind the display on my television cabinet, I hung an old chalkboard on the wall.  I don't think I've ever shared this piece here before, but it was purchased for me at a yard sale by my grandfather when I was a very young.  He passed away when I was just three, so I never really got to know him.  But he could obviously foresee the many childhood days that would be spent playing school at this chalkboard and it fits perfectly into my style now as an adult.

Decorating for Winter  |

A simple farmhouse display for winter.  |

Snowmen and trees are the perfect way to transition for decorating for Christmas to keeping the house cozy for winter.  ||

This tree was something else that I used to decorate with at Christmas, but still seems appropriate for winter.  I've been seeing trees displayed in olive buckets all over the place.  While I love the look, I don't have an olive bucket.  I did have this fry basket that is missing it's handle, though, and I think it works pretty well to add a bit of  contrast to my display.

A simple tree and pinecones make perfect winter decor.  ||

Peeking out from behind the tree is a couple old table leg spindles from the flea market.  The paint is chipping and worn down to the bare wood in places, but I find them beautiful and sculptural.

Winter decor

Vintage inspired snowman figurine

My display needed a bit of texture but I couldn't quite find anything that would go with the orange in the figurine and not look overwhelming.

Then it dawned on me that I did have a bit of wool that would coordinate perfectly.  This touch of fabric is actual a woman's wool blazer that I purchased from the same consignment shop as my round of wood.  It is for a craft project later in the year, but for now it was exactly what I needed.  Folded carefully around the display you'd never know that it wasn't a piece of fabric or blanket!

Winter display from anderson + grant

The last piece in my display here is an old handmade footstool.  I love how it adds a bit of warmth and height to everything.  Not everything you put out necessarily has to serve a purpose....other than that it is something you like to look at.

Handmade vintage footstool |

Neutral winter display  |

Winter scene in a lantern |

So that is a little peek at what my decorating mind has been coming up with lately.  I'm really pleased with how it all came together and created the cozy space I was dreaming of.  It was actually kind of fun to find some unique ways to dress up the living room.

Share with me.....How have you decorated your home this winter?


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