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DIY No Sew Burlap Table Runner

December 8, 2023

Learn how to make a no-sew modern farmhouse style table runner out of burlap for your Christmas table.

CREATE   |   Updated December 3, 2023

Creating décor for your home can be incredibly rewarding.

Regardless of what you are making or your level of expertise, being able to say that you made something with your own two hands feels very good and your decorating becomes one of a kind. Playing with different materials and experimenting on techniques can be incredibly relaxing.

Sometimes your skills may not match up with what you need to know for a project, but there is normally an alternative way around the knowledge you may be lacking. As you will read, that was the case with this particular table runner project.

Continue reading to find out exactly how to craft one of these for your own home and learn the secret behind making it a no-sew project.

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Overcoming the Fear of the Unknown

I've yet to progress to sewing anything more than a basic square pillow on the sewing machine.

So when I first came up with the idea of making a table runner out of this pretty herringbone burlap, I let the stress of what I didn't know keep me from getting started. The thought of creating a hem around the entire piece freaked me out. I just knew I would mess it up.

But the vision of what I could create was persistent. Rather than worry about the details of what might happen at the end of the project, I decided to just start creating and see where it could lead.

Honestly, getting started is sometimes the hardest part. You see all these amazing DIYs and worry what you make won't stack up. But it doesn't have to.....we all need to stop comparing and start trusting our own talents and abilities.

If you create with heart and passion, you can't go wrong.

Supplies You'll Need

To make this no-sew table runner, you'll need just a few supplies, many of which you might already have:

  • burlap fabric - if you can't find a patterned burlap that you like, feel free to use any tightly woven fabric....anything that is heavy enough to withstand use as a table runner with fibers large enough to be able to pull out of the fabric. Linen would make a nice option.
  • mod podge
  • small paint brush
  • measuring tape or ruler
  • scissors

How to Make a No-Sew Table Runner

Now let me walk you through the steps I took to make this burlap table runner.


Since I wanted the runner to stretch across the dining table and down the sides, I made my runner really long (about 72 inches). But you can make one any length that you'd like. The nice part of making your own décor is that you can customize it to fit your needs and preferences.

To determine the width, I divided the width of my burlap fabric and divided it by three to get three equally sized rectangles. (At the time of this project, I was making multiples to sell in my shop.) Again, you can make your own runner any width that you'd like.

You could also use this same technique to create individual placemats in the same way.


Cutting burlap fabric straight can be difficult. It helps if you pull one woven string out the entire length of the fabric where you want to cut. It leaves a small void in the woven pattern and gives you a straight line that you can use as a guide to cut.

It isn't a fast process, but gives you a neater cut.

The burlap strings can be a bit hard on your hands, so you may want to wear gloves for the first few steps of this project.


Now comes the fun part!

To create the fringe, remove thread after thread from both ends of the rectangle. I chose to make my fringe about three inches long, but again, choose your own length based on what you want your finished runner to look like.

When pulling out these horizontal thread, be careful that you leave the vertical threads in tact. They have a tendency to want to pull away when you are removing the individual strands.

To make the stripes, measure up about 2 inches and pull out ten adjoining strings. This will leave just the vertical strings showing. Then measure up another inch and pull out five strings.

These lengths can be altered depending on how wide you want the stripes and how long your entire table runner is.

It is helpful to use a pin or the tips of a pair of scissors to begin pulling out the first few strings. Removing them gets easier after you get the first one or two completely out.

When those two steps were done, I also slightly fringed the sides of the runner. Because the burlap was made out of natural colored and burgundy threads, this revealed a border of wine colored fringe at the edges.


As I stared at my lovely semi-completed project, I decided to turn to Google to help figure out how to turn this into a no-sew idea. The secret is Mod Podge, an all in one glue and sealer. It will work to hold all of the threads in place without the need for a single stitch.

You'll need to water the Mod Podge down to a very liquid consistency. Then brush a thin strip of the mixture down the sides of the runner where it meets with the fringed edge. Don't get any on the fringe, though, because it will dry quite hard. When that sides is dry, flip the runner over and repeat the process on the opposite side.

Caring for Your Handmade Runner

I don't recommend putting your table runner into the washing machine for washing as the fringe threads will get tangled and the Mod Podge will not necessarily hold the weaving together for repeated cleanings

Instead, I would spot clean the runner as needed and then hand wash the runner if cleaning is completely necessary.

Keep in mind when choosing a fabric to use for this project that patterns and darker colors will typically hide stains and dirt more easily and require less frequent cleaning.

I hope that whether you choose to recreate this runner or craft another DIY project, this has inspired you to find a way around whatever steps of a project may be holding you back from getting started.

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