How to Achieve a Really Distressed Paint Finish on Furniture

Vintage Mint Painted Step Ladder from anderson + grant

Normally, the older and more abused a piece of furniture looks, the more I like it.  This ladder that I picked up a few weeks ago at an antique shop was screaming for a distressed finish.  In my mind, it needed to look like a step ladder that someone threw a sloppy coat of paint on fifty years ago and has been using it since.  

Discovering How You Work Best

I've been a little spotty in my blog posting over the past week, and you want to know why?  Because I made a plan.  One of the biggest "must-dos" in anything you read about how to be a better blogger is that you are supposed to plan ahead and have an editorial calendar (which means you actually schedule those ideas for specific days.)  But I looked ahead and scheduled a few ideas on paper and my plans fell apart.

How to Create a Rustic Dough Bowl

Wood dough bowls are one of those vintage staples that can fit into many decorating styles and be filled with a variety of things.  I always love seeing how much character and patina they have from years of use.

They are really expensive, though.  And while there are many resin reproductions to buy, those aren't much cheaper.  As I'm always on the lookout for a unique and inexpensive DIY project, I decided to try my hand at creating my own faux reproduction dough bowl.  And I must say that it turned out pretty realistic looking!

Antique Dining Table Updated with Chalk Paint

Beautiful antique table and chairs refinished with chalk paint.  |

Memories of large family gatherings transform a dining table into more than just a slab of wood on four legs.  Close your eyes and picture the father of the family standing at the head of the table carving knife in hand ready to slice the Thanksgiving turkey.  The sound of laughter fills the air.  And you are surrounded by the feelings of love and companionship that a close-knit family can bring.

A table may be where the family dines nightly telling one another what happened during their day or it could be reserved just for special family occasions where many gather around it.  Either way, the dining table can turn into a symbol of joyful times spent together.

Easy Faux DIY Boxwood Wreath

Easy and inexpensive way to create a DIY faux boxwood wreath for you home decor.

For quite awhile I've been debating whether or not to purchase a boxwood wreath.  I'm crazy about boxwood and love to throw it in all over the place in my decorating, in case you hadn't noticed.  But nice preserved boxwood is quite pricey.  The last time I was in Target I stood in the Smith & Hawkin aisle for the longest time debating should-I-or-shouldn't-I.  Obviously I opted for the should not choice, but still wish I hadn't.

But as I was doing some cleaning the other day, I came across some faux greenery I bought last year at JoAnn Fabrics.  Even though it isn't preserved or even incredibly realistic I thought I give making my own wreath a try.  And since it was so easy and turned out way better than I expected, I thought I would share it with you today.

How to Create a Farmhouse Vignette with Vintage Finds

I went scouting out treasures again.  After not shopping for quite some time, now I just can't seem to stop.  In my defense, though, I am still looking for cutting boards to fill some orders that I have for my wall art.  Every trip into town I take I have to stop at Goodwill, and my Thursday and Friday afternoons were spent visiting every yard sale I could find this past week.  Still no luck finding cutting boards, which makes me seriously wonder where they all have gone.  Although I didn't find what I was actually looking for, I didn't leave empty handed...I never do!

Giving Yard Sale Furniture Farmhouse Charm with Chalk Paint

A basic looking yard-sale shelf is transformed into a rustic piece of furniture 
perfect for your farmhouse decor.

You'll never believe how this table looked like before a little sanding and paint.  Now it is a perfect piece for your industrial farmhouse decor. |

This started out as one of the nicest used pieces of furniture that I've ever worked on.  There really wasn't anything wrong with it.  Typically my projects involve transforming pretty trashy, broken down things and making them into something nice again.  But it still was not a quality made, pricey antique, so I didn't feel bad about painting it.

My Great Shopping Weekend

Can you believe that today is Friday already?  And that we are already almost a full week into June?  If anyone has any tips for slowing down time (especially the weekends!), please let me know.

Tomorrow is my grandma's 95th birthday.  Can you imagine be alive that long?  We are planning a little celebration for her tomorrow with her family.  I know things have not been fun for her lately since she ended up in the nursing home, but hopefully she can get a little enjoyment from being somewhere else for a little while and having people celebrate her and her life.  Plus, there's going to be cake.  Who can't enjoy that!

For today's post, though, I'm going back in time to last Saturday.  I mentioned the other day that there was a shopping trip and I outdid myself in the number of things I bought.  I'm really excited to share what I found with you today.

How to Shop for Cohesive Decor for Your Home

When shopping for items to decorate your home, consider looking for a whole "outfit" 
and find pieces that are your style and go with one another.

Happy Wednesday morning friends!  I hope you week is going well.

This past Saturday, I went shopping with my mom and aunt in Altoona, PA.  There was one thing on my shopping list.....Elmer's wood glue.  Exciting, I know.  And I purchased it at the first place we stopped to shop.

 I figured I'd wander around for the rest of the day while they shopped, eat some Chicken Parmesan at Olive Garden, grab a Peanut Butter Cup Perfection dish of ice cream at Cold Stone, and just enjoy the day out.  Well, someone heard those plans and decided to throw a lot of stuff at me to buy.  Seriously, I haven't bought this much stuff in quite awhile.  It felt amazing to actually find pieces that were calling my name!

Tips for Designing and Decorating Your Laundry Room

The laundry room is one of the spaces in a house that rarely sees a designer touch.  If you look on Pinterest, you'll see picture after picture of dream laundry rooms.  There are a few that are bigger than my living and dining rooms combined.  Some even have multiple washing machines!  Those are probably not examples of the type of room that you could create in your home.  Most likely, your laundry room is in a dark basement with little or no natural light and concrete floors.   The fun thing about seeing out of this world, extravagant room designs though, is that there are elements that you can use for your own decorating.

Repurposing a Plant Stand as an Outdoor Table

Without a whole lot of work, a rusty plant stand can be repurposed and transformed into a stylish accent table for your deck.

This outdoor side table has been made out of an old metal plant stand.  So pretty! #DIY #DIYtable #repurposed #andersonandgrant

One of the things that I rescued from my grandma's house to repurpose recently was a metal plant stand.  It was really rusty and probably could have just went to the landfill.  But, since I am the person who would rather paint something and make it pretty again, I saw a purpose for this rusty stand.  It has metal leaves, which coordinates with the leaves on the back of my outdoor chairs. It is also the perfect size to rest alongside a chair with a piece of glass on top serving as a side table.

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