How to Shop for Cohesive Decor for Your Home

June 3, 2015

When shopping for items to decorate your home, consider looking for a whole "outfit" 
and find pieces that are your style and go with one another.

DESIGN + STYLE   |   Published June 3, 2015

Happy Wednesday morning friends!  I hope you week is going well.

This past Saturday, I went shopping with my mom and aunt in Altoona, PA.  There was one thing on my shopping list.....Elmer's wood glue.  Exciting, I know.  And I purchased it at the first place we stopped to shop.

 I figured I'd wander around for the rest of the day while they shopped, eat some Chicken Parmesan at Olive Garden, grab a Peanut Butter Cup Perfection dish of ice cream at Cold Stone, and just enjoy the day out.  Well, someone heard those plans and decided to throw a lot of stuff at me to buy.  Seriously, I haven't bought this much stuff in quite awhile.  It felt amazing to actually find pieces that were calling my name!

I'll share the rest of my fabulous purchases with you on Friday.  But for today I'm going to show the "outfit" that I bought at Hobby Lobby.  And just in case you're wondering,....No.  Hobby Lobby has not started selling clothes.

Think about when you go shopping for an outfit to wear somewhere.  Maybe it is a wedding. Work.  A casual outfit for a vacation.  You go with a plan to stores, wander around, mix and match different pieces, and finally settle on a look that goes together and is totally you.  You leave the store swinging your bag back and forth happy to know that you were successful and have a perfectly styled outfit to wear.

But normally, unless you're renovating a whole room, we don't do that when shopping for home decor.  We go in to browse and wind up bringing home a lot of things that don't go with what we already have and aren't really our style.  (Which is very similar to when you go clothes shopping without a plan and come home with 10 shirts and no pants to wear them with.  Not the goal you had in mind.)

Hobby Lobby had aisle after aisle of discounted merchandise on Saturday.   As I began looking closely, I realized the perfect opportunity for a blog post existed.....the importance of creating an "outfit" regardless of where you're shopping.  Pieces that coordinate together and can be used to create an entire display.  It would be so easy to randomly pick up merchandise when it is 66% percent off, only to realize later than nothing is going to work together with what you bought or already own.

I began looking around for items that caught my eye AND would go together.  I held different items up together.  Put some things back on the shelf that wouldn't work.  Made myself walk away from items that I knew I'd regret later on.  And I purchased three items that I think work together nicely.

I bought.....

a glass candleholder/vase, (Not really sure which it is, but I think it will work as either.)

metal orb,  (Would you believe this tiny little ball started out at $25?  No wonder it was 66% off!)

and a resin artichoke sculpture (which my aunt is still not understanding.)

I brought the three things home, placed them on the wood tray I already had and added a few vintage books.  And I popped a white pillar candle into the gold and glass candle holder/vase.  Those pieces are the jewelry of the outfit....items that you already have and can use with different displays whenever you need a little something extra.

And the display is done.  Super easy to put together, just like when you come home with the outfit that you created at the store.  And the nice thing is that when I tire of this look, (because let's face it, we all know that I will), the pieces will still easily fit in with other things that I bought because I focused on buying things that were still my style not just because they were on sale.

The important tip today is that while it is nice to go in and just BUY, sometimes it feels even better to shop for a whole display (or outfit if you will) so that when you get home you have an entire look ready to go.

Alright....what do think?  Am I totally crazy in my outfit comparison or right on?

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