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How to Create a Farmhouse Vignette with Vintage Finds

June 10, 2015

DESIGN + STYLE   |   Published June 10, 2015

I went scouting out treasures again.  After not shopping for quite some time, now I just can't seem to stop.  In my defense, though, I am still looking for cutting boards to fill some orders that I have for my wall art.  Every trip into town I take I have to stop at Goodwill, and my Thursday and Friday afternoons were spent visiting every yard sale I could find this past week.  Still no luck finding cutting boards, which makes me seriously wonder where they all have gone.  Although I didn't find what I was actually looking for, I didn't leave empty handed...I never do!

A wire mesh fireplace screen is used as a backdrop to a vignette and provides a perfect place to hang a boxwood wreath.

Rather than do another post of all the stuff that I found, I thought I'd put together a little vignette to feature a few of my favorites from the past two weekends of buying things that I totally needed.  Some of you mentioned on last week's post that you were interested in seeing what I did with the things that came home with me, so your wish is my command.

When I saw this fireplace screen last weekend, my first thought was that it would be really neat looking to hang on the wall.  To be quite honest, I didn't even realize what it was at first.  I pulled my mom outside to look at the really interesting metal thing I had found and she said it was a fireplace screen.  Umm...sure....I knew that!

Much to my excitement, it does look great resting behind this whole display.  And conveniently enough, the handle on the screen is a perfect place to hang a boxwood wreath that I created.  (Tutorial for that can be found here.)

My favorite finds on Friday were these wicker covered wine bottles.  I don't drink, but I love the look of these when people decorate with them.  At the yard sale, I saw the larger bottle first and of course it had no price.  I'm not normally a person who likes to ask, but I really liked the bottle.  And do you know how much it was?

$1.  Seriously.  I will buy just about anything if it is a dollar.

And the other one was 75 cents.

Do you know what these sort of things are selling for on Ebay?

I paired my two wicker bottles with the glass jug I picked up a few weeks ago for 50 cents and now have a whole collection for less than $3.   You really can decorate on a budget!

I've had the small wood box for quite a few years now, and decided to use it in this display to hold one of the old platters I got from Goodwill.

Everything here is displayed on an old radio stand that I painted last summer.  Underneath the stand is a large wood box that belonged to my dad.  He used it to hold his plumbing supplies.  In my opinion this box is a great representation of my style.  It has great rustic wood, a distressed paint job with lots of patina, aged metal hinges.  And it's a box, so hello, useful storage!

Well, that is my newest display.  I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my purchases being used.  Many more projects and vignettes to come!

And be sure to come back on Friday for my so-easy-it-barely-deserves-a-tutorial post on making an inexpensive boxwood wreath.

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