Friday Favorites #23

Well, yesterday ended up being another snowy day.  Luckily there wasn't the ice in my town that some places saw, but the roads were still slick.  And there were still crazy drivers, one of whom thought he might pull out in front of me.  Slamming on my brakes made my car do a little sliding dance in the road, but luckily it was just a short dance without any collision.  Believe me when I say that I turn into a ninety-year-old woman driver when the snow starts to cover the roadways and would prefer just to stay home.  

That's enough weather talk for today, though.  I'm trying my best to embrace the good things about chocolate.....cute scarves.....furry snow boots......pretty snow-capped trees......OK, I'm out.

Sundays, Clothes, and My Search for Joy

Spending a little time once a week planning your outfits for the next seven days will help your mornings run more smoothly and leave you with a few extra minutes to calmly prepare for the day ahead.

Spending a little time once a week planning your outfits for the next seven days will help your mornings run more smoothly and leave you with a few extra minutes to calmly prepare for the day ahead.

Have you seen the organizers they make for kid's closets?  The ones that have spaces for everyday of the week so that the child's clothes can be picked out and neatly organized for a whole seven days?  Parents buy these organizers because getting kids ready in the morning is a pain if kids can't decide what to wear or it is gym day and their athletic clothes are dirty.  Planning ahead ensures everything is clean, ironed, and ready to go.  This helps the morning to run smoothly and allows everyone to get out of the house on time.

Why is this idea only for kids?

Fixing a Loose Fitting Freezer Door with Vaseline

When the seal on your refrigerator or freezer is not tight, the appliance has to work harder and uses more energy.  Fixing the problem is surprisingly easy and cheap, however, and anyone can tackle it!

Thanks to Pinterest and the popularity of blogs, we spend a lot of time gathering inspiration for redesigning rooms in our homes, whipping up fantastic looking meals, and organizing from our attics to our basements.  But there are times when  I get a little overwhelmed by needing to do so much.  Some days I just want to see something that will take minutes rather than hours and spend cents rather than dollars.  It is nice to be able to find an idea that can be immediately put it into action and see results.  Are you with me on this?

Friday Favorites #22

I don't know about the weather where you are at, but it has been cold and snowy here.  Today looks to be like it will be a clear day, though, so I'm rejoicing.  Every clear day puts us one day closer to spring.  Normally I'm much more in the mood to get projects done when the sun is shining!

This week just flew by.  I can hardly believe that we are once again to Friday.  I'll be back next week with a new series that I'm hoping you'll love, as well as a post on something that I'm doing to find a little joy in my day.  Have a great weekend!

Fabulous carport from Young House Love | Friday Favorites at anderson + grant

Learning about ISO | Photography 101

After two months, it is finally time to have another lesson in photography!  Have you been working on your skills?  

There are so many different things to know and remember as you take pictures for a blog, selling online, or capturing moments with your family.  Reading a camera manual isn't much fun, so I'm taking things step by step here to help you learn and experiment in how to catch better shots with whatever type of camera you have.

Decorating with Glass Canisters in the Kitchen

There is something about clear glass canisters in the kitchen filled with flour, sugar, and all those staples that makes my heart go pitter-patter.  I'm odd.  I'll admit it.  But my mind is happiest when things are neat, orderly, and uncluttered.   And if canisters are going to be sitting on the counter top, they might as well do double-duty as something pretty to look at!

Decorating my Mantel for Winter

While putting Christmas decorations away, a couple of things sitting on the counter together caught my eye.  Inspiration hit and I quickly started gathering a few items that didn't scream Christmas but rather just winter to decorate the fireplace mantel.  Homes always look so empty after taking everything down from the holidays, so it is nice to mix a few of these transitional items in with everyday decorations to extend the season a bit.

Friday Favorites #21

This week has been wonderful since getting back into blogging after the holidays.  I had planned on taking some time away to regroup, but it felt very right to come back when I did.  2015 is sure to hold great things and I can't wait to share them all with you.

On Wednesday I shared a post about not creating New Year's resolutions, but rather working towards finding joy in my life.  The comments I received were heart warming and reassured me that I'm not in this quest alone.  If you didn't get a chance to check that post, I'd love for you to take a look and let me know what your thoughts are.

Well, today is Friday and it's the day where I share all my favorite links of the week.  I hope you find something that you like as well, and I'll see you back here on Monday!

Beautiful old white distressed wood cupboard filled with ironstone collection | Friday Favorites from anderson + grant

Finding Joy

Weeks into the new year and I'm finally back to post about m plans for 2015.  Every January 1 we have ideas and plans about how this year is going to be our best yet.  Everything we've been doing wrong will suddenly become right because the resolutions we make our going to change our lives.  But by this time of the month, how many of those resolutions are still sticking for you?

For 2015, I decided to not make ANY resolutions or even set any goals.  Even with the best of intentions, I won't follow them anyways.  (Seriously.  I just took a look at my new year post for 2014 and I could have reposted the exact same thing because nothing has changed.)

Top 11 Posts of 2014

Traditionally, a top posts recap falls at the end of a year or at least the very beginning of the new year.  I had the best of intentions of doing that, but it is better late than never, right?

I also had the best of intentions of having a top 10 post, but somehow ended up with 11.  Since the extra post happened to be one of my favorites, I chose to keep it.

It is so much fun to look back over what has been completed through the year.  And I love seeing what types of posts have been viewed the most.  Obviously, you enjoy DIY here because that is mainly what is in the top 10...or 11.

So, without further ado, here are the top 11 anderson + grant posts of 2014.


Top Posts of 2014 from anderson + grant | Inspiring decorating tips, DIY, and more!

Friday Favorites #20

Good Friday morning!  

Have you been missing my weekly favorites?  I honestly had planned on doing this post last Friday, but it totally slipped my mind until late on New Year's Day.  Best laid plans, I guess.  (There were also plans for an end of the year review, but that will have to wait until next week.)

I'm excited to be back to posting and have so many plans for this upcoming year.....ways to improve my life and see my blog grow.  As so many of you seem to be doing, I've chosen a word of the year to focus on.  Rather than create a list of resolutions that I know I won't keep, I picked an idea to guide me through the decisions I make everyday.  I'll be introducing that one day next week, too, as well as sharing some of my goals.
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