We Gather Together Handpainted Thanksgiving Sign

October 29, 2023

Learn how to create the We Gather Together hand painted sign to decorate your home for the Thanksgiving holiday.

FALL   |   Updated October 22, 2023

Hand painted signs are a nice addition to your fall decor.

They are even better when you are able to make them yourself. Generally painting signs is one of the easiest crafts to make, even for beginners. The painting process can be very forgiving of errors or lack of skill, and you can always repaint areas that didn't turn out as you'd like.

This particular sign doesn't even have any shading or highlighting, so all you need to do is transfer the pattern onto your painting surface and basically do a paint-by-number!

Let me show you what you'll need and how to create this handmade Thanksgiving sign for yourself.

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Supplies You'll Need

There are only a few supplies that you'll need to make this hand painted sign.

  • FLAT PAINTING SURFACE - I used an old cupboard door, but any smooth wood surface would work. You could also create a pretty throw pillow using something like linen and paint appropriate for fabric.

  • ACRYIC CRAFT PAINT - I used Americana brand paint in the shades of khaki tan, burnt sienna, light buttermilk, and burnt umber

  • CRAFT PAINT BRUSHES In various sizes

  • PATTERN FOR SIGN DESIGN - The PDF pattern can be enlarged or made smaller on a copier to fit whatever you'd like to paint. Or use the image pasted into a Microsoft Word document to change the size there.

  • CARBON PAPER - For transferring the design onto your painting surface.

  • SANDPAPER - optional if you would like to distress the sign for a more rustic farmhouse look



**This pattern is free for your own persona use. Please do not distribute or sell the pattern.

How to Make This We Gather Together Sign

STEP 1: Using a larger paint brush, basecoat your painting surface with one or two coats of Khaki Tan. You want a good solid layer of paint and it may take multiple coats depending on what you are painting on.

STEP 2: Transfer the pattern onto your painting surface with the carbon paper and a pencil. Be sure to carefully look under each corner while keeping the pattern secure to the surface to make sure that the entire image is showing up properly.

STEP 3: Using a small paint brush, paint the picture starting with using Light Buttermilk for the center floral design and Burnt Sienna for the top and bottom floral designs. Then paint the words We Gather Together using Burnt Umber.

STEP 4: Go back and touch up any sections of the painting that need to be cleaned up, if any.

STEP 5: If you'd like, distress your sign using sand paper to give it an aged appearance.

STEP 6: Seal the entire sign to protect your painted surface with polyurethane.

STEP 7: When the sign is dry, attach a hook on the back for hanging.

I hope you enjoy getting out your paint brushes and creating a unique fall sign that you can use year after year!

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