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2024 Printable Calendar

January 4, 2024

Keep track of appointments, birthdays, and important dates to remember using this black and white printable 2024 calendar with a simple, minimalist style. It also works great for planning meals, garden planting dates, and fitness tracking. Download it for free and start planning your best year yet!

Updated January 24, 2024

I don’t know about you, but I am a pen and paper girl when it comes to calendars and planners.

There is something about having a tangible object in my hands, a place to write (and erase) plans for the months ahead. While I’ve tried to go digital a few times, my trusty printable calendar keeps calling me back.

This one that I've created is clean and simple with plenty of space to write in each day’s box, which is perhaps one reason why people have liked this free download so much in the past.

The modern black and white design looks good in any office regardless of your style. And honestly, we all love something fancy, but most often become too afraid to use them and make a mess, so simple really is the way to get you to start recording those important things you need to keep track of.

As simple as it is, this calendar provides the perfect place to record your important dates, appointments, birthdays, anniversaries and so much more. Getting things out there on paper can free your mind from having to remember so much and helps you stay on top of where you should be and what you need to be doing.

This post contains affiliate links which means I receive a small commission if you choose to make a purchase using the link, but there is no additional cost to you. For more information, you can view my disclosure policy.


Ways to Use This Free Blank Calendar

Printable calendars, especially ones that are simple in design, can be used for so many things.

  • Write down birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and other important events

  • Plan out your meals in advance and save the previous months to help in future planning

  • Keep track of bill payment dates

  • Assign special decluttering and organizing tasks to a specific day

  • Record your weight or fitness goals as part of a weight loss journey

  • Get ready for spring and summer planting season by writing down important dates for your garden

  • Stay organized for upcoming school projects, deadlines, and events

Print it out once or as many times as you’d like to organize whatever you have going on in your life. The possibilities are endless!

Have another way that you like to use a monthly printable calendar that isn’t listed here? Send me an email or tag me on social media so that I can learn from you!

Supplies You’ll Need

You’ll need only a few supplies that you likely already have on hand to make your own beneficial calendar for 2024.

  • Printer

  • Paper - I prefer to use cardstock for a sturdy calendar, but regular office paper works well, too. Michaels and Hobby Lobby have great deals on smaller packages of cardstock for projects like this.  And while I normally use white, you can choose a special textured paper or colored paper for something special.

  • Ink

  • Binder, binder clips, clipboard, or another way to keep all of your pages together (optional)

Alternatively, you can have the printable made for you at a local copy shop.

Some More Helpful Printables

If getting organized and staying on top of things is one of your goals for the new year, then there are a few other printables you might want to download as well.

FREE PRINTABLE PERPETUAL CALENDAR – The perfect place to record birthdays and anniversaries once and then refer to it again year after year. (available in three different color options)

2024 US HOLIDAYS AND OBSERVANCES – A handy printable with all of the dates you’ll likely need to be aware of in 2024, including days when the post office or banks might be closed or when to change the clocks.

How to Print the 2024 Free Calendar

I sometimes forget that things like this aren’t always as intuitive or simple as it seems for those of us who use technology daily, so I wanted to walk you through the steps of how to download the calendar, just in case it is something new to you.

STEP ONE: Click the Download 2024 Monthly Calendar button. You’ll be taken to a page where you should see all the pages of the monthly printable calendar.

STEP TWO: If you are on mobile, you’ll want to tap the two right pointing arrows on the right of your screen to open the menu. Choose download to save the calendar to your device to print or view later or choose print to print now.

If you are viewing the page from your desktop computer, look at the right side of your screen for the printer icon to print or the page icon with a downward arrow to download.

STEP THREE: If you choose the print option, the screen will come up that will allow you to choose how many pages you want to print and how many copies you’d like. I like to print all twelve months at one time so that I can have the whole year in front of me, but you can print month by month by choosing a specific page number if you’d like, as well!

Click the button below to start downloading this free PDF:

**This free printable calendar is for personal use only and should not be altered or resold. Feel free to share this freebie, but please credit me and link back to this page, rather than linking directly to the PDF.**


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