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Best Bags to Organize and Protect Your Summer Garden Tools

June 13, 2022

Keep your garden tools clean and protected while adding a bit of style to your gardening “outfit” with a durable tool bag. Learn why tool bags are beneficial, what to look for, and shop from over 30 stylish options.

GARDEN   |   Updated March 20, 2023

Basket with twine, seeds, and garden hand tools

For those who enjoy spending time in the garden, a tool bag is just about as important as quality hand tools.

Garden tools can be quite expensive and should be organized and protected to maintain their sharp blades and preserve their handles and finish. While you may have hooks or a drawer inside your shed to store them, you’ll need a convenient place to put the tools when you head into the flower or vegetable patch.

A garden tool bag keeps all of your supplies together and a nice bag can add to your enjoyment of your time spent digging. Plus, you’ll be more likely to keep your tools clean and neatly put away because who wants to throw dirty tools inside of a pristine cloth bag?

If you’ve never thought about purchasing a tote or caddy to store your garden tools (or if you’re looking for a new replacement), you’re in luck. Read on to find out the ways a garden bag can be beneficial, what to look for, and shop from my favorites online options.

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Woman holding denim garden bag with hand tools


Benefits of Using a Garden Tool Bag

There are quite a few reasons why investing in a quality bag to hold your garden hand tools is important. They include:


When you’re down on your knees in the dirt, you likely want to have what you need beside you. Otherwise, you’ll be making constant trips to the shed to get more supplies. A garden bag should hold everything you’ll want for your afternoon of weeding and can be moved around the yard as you work.


The multiple exterior and interior pockets allow you to have a place for every tool and accessory so you never have to dig through the bag to find what you need. And the bag keeps them contained so your tools are not strewn through the garden bed as you work.


A traditional tool box can be heavy and bulky to carry around. Bags with handles or shoulder straps are easier and more convenient to transport.


Moisture will harm your tools and sitting in the damp soil or grass can quickly cause rust to appear. Storing everything in a waterproof garden bag keeps your expensive tools dry and protected.

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What Should You Store in a Garden Tool Bag?

The things stored in a garden bag are unique to every gardener and the conditions of where you’re tending to your plants. Someone weeding in a community garden away from home will need more supplies than a person who can run over to the shed or garage to fetch a forgotten tool or drink.

And your needs may depend on exactly what tasks you’ll be undertaking for the day. It isn’t necessary to transport packets of seeds and plant markers on a day you are just doing some light weeding.

You don’t want to make your bag heavier than it needs to be, but you also want to have what you need. Think through exactly what you’ll be reaching for when weeding and planting. Here are a few ideas:

  • Variety of garden hand tools
  • Tool sharpener
  • Kneeling pad or pillow
  • Gloves
  • Clean rag for wiping off your hands or the dirty tools
  • Garden twine
  • Plant stakes or labels
  • Seeds
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Sunglasses
  • Water bottle

Food52 Gardening Tote Bag

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Things to Look for When Shopping for a Quality Garden Tool Bag


Some garden bags are larger than others. You’ll need to shop for options that have a large enough capacity to carry anything you might need.


A garden bag should have numerous outside pockets and compartments to vertically organize the various hand tools you might be carrying. There could also be pockets on the inside. Make sure that that bag you choose has enough to hold what you’ve decided to store.

Quality bags will normally have elastic loops or cords above the pouches to always keep your tools in place. While this isn’t a necessity, it is a nice option to keep your tools secure and ready for use.


Garden totes are made of different materials like nylon, canvas, waxed cotton, or poly. Look for options that are durable, able to withstand the weight of your tools, and ideally waterproof and washable. You’ll also want to consider the color or pattern of the material that you choose and how it will show the dirt.


There are different options for how you will carry your tool bag. Some come with adjustable should straps, while others have padded handles or leather hand grips. There are even ergonomic options.


Many garden bags are flimsy and cheaply made. You may need to invest a little more up front in order to buy one that is sturdy enough for your heavy tools and will last for years to come. More expensive bags will likely come with additional features like a reinforced bottom, heavy duty zippers, and even removable inserts that can be washed.


While fancy is nice, remember that this garden bag will likely get dirty. I love a pretty bag and you’re welcome to make a style statement if you’d like. Just be sure to consider whether the added cost of a Pottery Barn designer is going to be worth it or if you’ll spend your gardening time fretting about keeping it clean.

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A garden tool bag will give your pricey tools the protection they deserve while ultimately making your weeding and planting tasks easier and more enjoyable. The convienence of having what you need right by your side is well worth the investment of a bag you love.

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