Modern Farmhouse Fireplace Design Inspiration

January 17, 2020

Looking to update your fireplace or completely build a new one?  These twelve modern farmhouse designs will surely give you the inspiration you need to get started with rustic wood mantels, gray stone, and crisp white trim.

DESIGN + STYLE   |   Published January 17, 2020

When I started drawing up plans for my living room, I knew I wanted to include a fireplace.  There are some nice faux versions available, but I wanted something more custom.  And I found fake logs that actually gives the illusion of smoke like real burning wood so I needed to design something that could hold my burning timbers.

You can see my completed fireplace here, but today I wanted to share some of the beautiful fireplace designs that I turned to for inspiration when creating my own.  It's funny how inspiration can work, because what I built doesn't look anything like any of these fireplaces yet it shares characteristics of many of them.

That should be the goal in any design project.....taking bits and pieces you like and combining them together into something unique to love.

Concrete Fireplace

Design by Lindsay Marcella

Black and white fireplace

Design by Rafterhouse

A few characteristics I've incorporated into my own fireplace design:

  • White structure and trim

  • Rustic wood mantel

  • Gray stone

  • Herringbone pattern

  • Feature wall behind the mantel

White fireplace

White fireplace with herringbone tile

Stone fireplace

Design by Blackbirch Homes

When designing anything, or even when thinking through a DIY project, I like to create secret boards on Pinterest that I pin all of my inspiration pictures to.  That way, I can go to one place and notice the similarities and differences between what drew my attention.  When everything is in one place you may see that you're pinning a lot of rooms that are painted gray or white linen sofas which means that is something you probably would really like in your own home.

And I can also easily find the images if I need to refer back to something when they are all on the same board.

White fireplace

Design by Rachel Wood

Outdoor fireplace

Design by Kelly Nutt

Concrete and shiplap fireplace

Design by Ashley Thurman of Cherished Bliss

Stone fireplace

Design by Lily Pad Cottage

Wood fireplace wall

Design by John Bynum

Light stone fireplace

Design by Daley Home


Modern Fireplace Designs

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