Black and White Free Printable Calendar for 2020

January 2, 2020

Keep track of your appointments and dates to remember on this black and white printable 2020 calendar with a minimalist style. Download it for free and start planning your best year yet!

January calendar
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I don't know about you, but I'm a pen and paper girl when it comes to calendars and planners.  There is something about having something tangible in your hands, a place to write (and erase) my plans for the months ahead.  While I've tried to go digital a few times, my trusty printable calendar keeps calling me back.

For the last few years I've shared the printable calendar that I created and use personally to keep track of when I want to post what here on the blog.  I also have a separate one printed out where I (try to) plan my meals out for the month ahead.

January February March 2020 calendar

Although I redesigned it just a bit to reflect the new look of my blog, it is basically the same as the previous versions.  I love having something clean and simple with plenty of space to write in each day's box.

As simple as it is, this calendar provides the perfect place to record your important dates, appointments, birthdays and so much more.  Getting things out there on paper can free your mind from having to remember so much and helps you stay on top of where you should be and what you need to be doing.

black and white calendar pages

Print it out once or as many times as you'd like to organize whatever you have going on in your life.  Use it to record birthdays and anniversaries, plan what meals you'll be serving, use it as a fitness tracker, or .....  The possibilities are endless!


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Another handy printable that you can use alongside this calendar is my free printable perpetual calendar, (available in three different color options), where you can record birthdays and anniversaries once and refer to it again year after year.

Black and white 2020 calendar

Free printable 2020 calendar

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