Ham, Bacon, and Green Onion Club Sandwich

June 3, 2019

Two ham club sandwich halves stacked on top of one another
Give an ordinary ham club sandwich an extra punch of flavor with sliced green onion cheese.  It is a great recipe for a delicious lunch, as well as one you can serve at a picnic, party, and wedding or baby shower!

COOK + BAKE   |   Published June 3, 2019

Club sandwich cut in half

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A few weeks ago, I shared inspiration from my Summer Garden Party. One of the things that was on the menu was a Ham and Green Onion Club Sandwich, served along with Bacon Ranch Potato Salad and Crispy Homemade Potato Chips.  I promised to share the recipe and now here it is.

Whether you are preparing it for serving to guests as I did or your just looking for something a little different for lunch tomorrow, this sandwich really can't be beat.


Club sandwich with ham, bacon, lettuce, and cheese

Although a sandwich can seem like a very boring food to serve at a fancy garden party, I think it all comes down to what goes into the sandwich and how it is prepared.

Sure, an Oscar Mayer bologna sandwich on white bread might not get anyone excited, but a sandwich stacked with meat, cheese, vibrant leaf green lettuce and freshly prepared bacon? That is actually perfect to serve at an afternoon luncheon with your girlfriends. Easy to prepare and oh so tasty!

Bread with slice of green onion cheese on top

The most flavorful part of this sandwich, and really what makes it surpass any normal club, is Green Onion Cheese. It is a mild white cheddar cheese with bits of green onions that pairs nicely with the sliced ham and bacon on the sandwich.

Check with your local deli to see if they have this type of sliced cheese available. Troyer also makes a Green Onion Cheese in a block that is just as good. You just have to slice it yourself. I love this cheese sliced onto crackers for an evening snack.

Obviously you can use any type of cheese on this sandwich, but I really do believe this is what makes the club something special. And I don't even like onions!

Preparing a Ham Club Sandwich



  • Your favorite sliced deli ham
  • Sliced green onion cheese
  • Freshly cooked bacon slices cut in half to better fit on the sandwich
  • Green leaf lettuce
  • White sandwich bread or your favorite fresh bread for sandwiches


STEP 1:  Toast slices of bread to your desired color.
STEP 2:  When the toast is done, add a slice of the green onion cheese on top of one piece of bread.  Then layer on three or four (half-cut) slices of the fresh bacon.  The heat of the toast and hot bacon help to warm the cheese on the sandwich.
STEP 3:  Add about four pieces of sliced deli ham and a piece of green leaf lettuce.
STEP 4:  Top with a second slice of bread and cut your sandwich in half or into quarters.  You may want to add a fancy toothpick into each half to hold everything together.

Two ham club sandwich halves stacked on top of one another

Ham Club Sandwich
Ham and Green Onion Club Sandwich
How to make a Ham and Green Onion Cheese Club

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