all natural DIY glass, mirror, and window cleaner

Combine just two ingredients together in a spray bottle for a natural and cost effective glass cleaner.

Because many of the traditional cleaning products out there have such nasty chemicals in them, I've recently been trying to use more natural, "green" alternatives.  I'm a huge fan of method, Seventh Generation, and Mrs. Myers products.

But I've also been feeling the push to try making some of my own cleaners at home.  For the most part, they are easy to make, take only a few ingredients, and work just as well as their chemical alternatives.  And being able to use household products to make numerous cleaners is just one way to make the chore of homekeeping easier.

10 ways paint can update thrift store finds

The most exciting part about thrift store or antique shopping is that you never know what you are going to come home with.  Go in looking for something specific and you're likely to leave empty handed.  But enter the store with an open mind and willingness to look around and you will undoubtedly find a treasure.

Chances are, though, that treasure will need a little work to be something worth showing off.  By far, a simple coat of paint is the easiest way to update just about anything that you'll find.  With just a little time invested and not much money at all, you can have furniture and accessories that are right on trend with what people are paying a lot for in stores and online.

Repurposed Glass Jars as Unique Kitchen Storage

Save glass jars and bottles to reuse as unique storage containers for food in your kitchen.

Save glass jars and bottles to reuse as unique storage containers for food in your kitchen. #kitchentips #storage #organizing #andersonandgrant

It is the little things in life that add the add the spark to our lives.  And the same is true for what we place in our homes.  We should surround ourselves with beauty on a daily basis and try to find ways to make even the most common of items that we reach for put a smile on our face.

Our cupboards and pantries are full of different sizes and colors of packaging.  Businesses spend a lot of money trying to make their products stand out from the others.  But when we bring them home, it isn't necessary to have the boxes and bags vying for our attention.  I love dispensing things like pasta, rice, and baking supplies into clear glass jars and containers so that my pantry can look as clean and organized as elsewhere in my home.  And for smaller quantities of things like tea bags or candy bars, you can easily repurpose glass jars that you would otherwise be throwing away.

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