Thrift Store Cloche Makeover for Less than $1

If you've been following this blog for long, it should come as no surprise that I love to find strange things at second hand stores and turn them into something useful and decorative.  Being able to look at something that someone has no use for and transforming it into a stylish work of art is fun and challenging.  My mind has always been able to envision something better and see potential in cast-off items.

Rustic DIY Cake Stand

A lot of what I've been sharing lately has been giving makeovers to unique items like scales and lamps found at antique stores and thrift shops.  While it can be inspiring to see what someone does with something they purchased, it is more fun to be able to use that idea for something that you already have or can find.

Updating an Antique High Chair with Paint

A few weeks ago, I showed you an old high chair (or booster chair) that I found at an antique shop for just $10.  As much as I love painting furniture, I also love beautiful wood.  And that is what I saw on this chair.  This chair didn't need to be covered with layers of paint.

Making a New Dough Bowl Look Old

Welcome back, my friends!  I hope that you had a lovely weekend.  Thankfully the rain held off on Saturday for most of the day, and I went on another shopping trip with my mom.  While most of what I bought was stuff for myself for a change, I got a few more things to fix up for my sale over the summer.  You'll be seeing it all soon.

But today, I wanted to share a great technique for transforming anything that is natural, bare wood into something that looks like actual rustic, aged wood with patina.

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