Makeover of a Yard Sale Side Table with Chalk Paint

My grandma's neighbor was cleaning out a house he inherited and offered to let me look through what was inside.  It was mostly things I couldn't use, but I got a couple pieces of furniture, a frame missing it's glass, and a cutting board.  There is an old dresser that is missing the bottom drawer that I would LOVE to have, but at this moment have no where to store it.  So regrettably I had to pass, although I swear that I can still hear it calling my name.

Organizing Garden Tools with a Repurposed Rake

Tips to help you with summer flower planting |

I am not the world's best gardener.  It isn't that I don't have a green thumb, but rather that I tend to forget to take care of my plants.  Once they are placed in soil, they should be able to take care of themselves, right?  

For the first few weeks I care for my freshly planted flowers, watering them, deadheading them, ensuring they have proper moisture and sunlight.  And then the neglect comes.  I forget they need water and after awhile the plants start to wither in the sun.  When the pot no longer looks beautiful, I give up tending to the flowers entirely.....and don't even get me started on planting something like tomatoes.  It just doesn't happen.

How to Decorate Your Farmhouse Style Mantel for Summer

With the summer season "officially" starting this Memorial Day weekend, I thought it was appropriate to put together a display that can take me through the season.

Decorating for fall and Christmas is easy.  There are plenty of decorations to be made or purchased.  The colors are pretty much predetermined, unless you are willing to break free from the traditional box. Lots of inspiration exists on the internet and in print to guide your decorating decisions.

 Even spring has a color pallet.  Add in some tulips to your pastel colored display and you are good to go.

Easy DIY Rustic Wood Candlesticks

Learn to make rustic chunky wood candlesticks for practically nothing using candlesticks from the thrift store.

Learn to make these easy DIY rustic wood candlesticks using a thrift store find. #fixerupper #DIY #howtomake #thriftstore  |

I've been seeing rustic wood candlesticks all over the place lately.....on blogs, in magazines, displayed on Fixer Upper.....and I knew they were something that I wanted to DIY.  Some are tall.  Some are chunky.  Some are painted.  Some are wood.  But they all are fabulous!

My original idea for making them did not work, but I kept trying and ended up with a project that is even better (and easier) that I had originally planned.

My First Organizing Book

Do you ever come across pieces from your childhood that just instantly take you back in time?  I was cleaning yesterday and the book that probably was a contributing factor to be me being the slightly OCD, organizing fanatic that I am today.  Most people probably don't have their first organizing book enter their library while still in elementary school.....but I did.

How to Make DIY Chalk Paint Plus Tips for the Best Painted Finish

Please know.....many people have recently experienced clumping and overly-thick paint using this recipe.  While it has always worked for me in the past, it is possible that the paint may have different additives to it now that do not mix well with the addition of the joint compound and water.  You are welcome to try this recipe, but be sure that you follow the instructions below completely to ensure that it works for you.

I now use paint from Fusion Mineral Paint that provides a similar chalky appearance with no need for a top coat.  You can buy it here (affiliate link).

For those of you who have been reading anderson + grant for some time, you may be saying to yourself, "Hasn't this post already been written?"  And yes, it has.  But my DIY recipe is still one of my most viewed and pinned posts almost two years later.  And I use it constantly for furniture and projects that I post here.

Rustic Wood Footstool Gets a Makeover with Twine

Use jute twine from the craft store to update a wood footstool from the thrift store.  
It is a perfect accent piece for your rustic farmhouse style home.

A unique way to dress up a wood footstool is to wrap it in jute twine for a rustic, farmhouse look.  |  Tutorial found at

It is quite possible that I have an obsession with foot stools.

I've bought them.

I've painted them.

I've displayed them.

And I let a lot of them sit waiting for some creative work.

Dress up an old foot stool using some jute twine to upholster the seat.  |

Today's stool fits into that last category.  You first saw it back in July with a collection of other great vintage finds.  I knew I wanted to do something more interesting than painting it.....but the creativity just wasn't hitting me.

Decorating with Vintage Ironstone and White Pottery

Gone are the days that something truly excites me at Goodwill.  The store provided me with some unique and inexpensive finds to DIY.  Weekly visits occurred and I would always come home with something.  I'm sorry to say that while we had some good years together, those days seem to be in the past.  The prices are up, the quality is down, and nothing seems to peak my interest......with one recent exception.

My new, but not real, ironstone teapot.  Isn't she a beauty?

The Importance of Learning How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Why You Should Know How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Folding a fitted sheet is one of life's biggest mysteries.  It can be incredibly frustrating to get everything smooth and neat and it never again looks like it did when you first took the sheets out of the package.

I've learned that there are three ways to accomplish this task.

Fold it like a flat sheet.....

Roll the sheet into a ball and toss it into the closet.....

Or fold it correctly like Martha Stewart would.

Friday Favorites #32

Ah!!! This week's weather has been glorious!!!  Sunshine.  Warm temperatures.  If I didn't know what the date is on the calendar, I'd swear summer was here.  All that has really made me more productive and I got a few things done to share with you next week.  

In other not so bright news, I've made the hard decision that this will be my last Friday Favorites post.  It takes a lot more time to individually contact each blogger that I'd like to feature.  As much as I enjoy spreading the love around and promoting my fellow bloggers, it is taking time away from creating and posting my own information.  Plus, a lot of my favorites are from photographers and magazines that are not willing to have their pictures on other websites.  My favorite things to pin (which is what my Friday Favorites started out as) are the things I'm not allowed to share.  I may still do a favorites post once a month, and I'd like to do a few posts introducing you to some of the blogs that inspire me.  But a weekly roundup must come to an end.  

. Chocolate Covered Strawberries.....A Perfect Gift for Mother's Day

As you should already know, Mother's Day is coming up on Sunday.  Do you have your gifts purchased yet?  This year I am totally prepared.   Aside from a last minute trip to the grocery store for some dinner and dessert necessities, I'm ready to go.
Regardless of whether your shopping is done or you'll be scrambling on Saturday to find a gift, it is always nice to add in a little something extra.  Chocolate covered strawberries are one of those extras that will be appreciated by anyone, anytime of the year.  Buying them at a chocolate shop can be pretty pricey and you'll get a few in a box.  That makes them special, but sometimes you'd like a few more.....especially if you want to enjoy them yourself.
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