Carrots Sauteed with Onions and Bacon

Carrots with Sauteed Onions and Bacon.  Delicious recipe at

Adding green beans to bacon and onions that have been sauteed in a pan is one of my favorite ways to serve them.  Since I'm not a huge fan of most vegetables it is important to find different ways to make the ones that I eat.....Like having green bean casserole or oven baked corn.

Carrots are one of my favorites and I could practically live on bacon, so I decided to put a twist on my green bean recipe and add the bacon and onions to the carrots instead.  And the result was delicious.

Keep Trying Until You Get It Right....What My Spring Mantel Display is Teaching Me

I have been working on this post for weeks.  It is pretty much time to redecorate my mantel and I'm just now sharing it with you.  Let me explain why......

The whole post began as a lesson about decorating with threes.  A very important lesson, I might add.

Plans and designs were made in my head.  Lists were written of things I wanted to include in the lesson.  I gathered supplies and started my display, full of things to illustrate the concept of multiples of three.

Friday Favorites #31

Would you believe that yesterday, April 23, there were blizzard-like conditions at times in PA?  I posted this picture to Instagram in utter disbelief.  

Today's forecast is much improved thankfully.  It is difficult to work on a spring post while it is snowing outside!  

What Inspired Me to Start Blogging and Where To Go From Here

Today I'm feeling a little introspective and decided it is all something I need to share with you. I've started a post like this numerous times the past few months, yet can never seem to finish it.  Either it never seems complete or I decide that sharing my thoughts isn't something you need to hear.  As I sit here typing, though, I know that it all finally needs to get out of my head and onto the screen.  And then I need to hit the publish button regardless of whether it is all ready or not.  In order for me to finally move on and have a clear picture of where I'm going, I need to put my feelings into words.

Friday Favorites #30

There is really nothing that puts me in a positive and creative mood more than  being able to take a walk through the neighborhood on a beautiful day.  I've gotten to do that a few times this week, and my mind seems so much clearer.  It is amazing how a simple walk can make it feel like anything is possible once again.  

I'm lucky enough to live in a neighborhood with little traffic that is also a very short distance from a cemetery with a paved path.  Some people may view walking through the cemetery as a little morbid or freaky, but can you really think of a more quiet and peaceful place to be?  

Forcing Forsythia to Bloom Indoors for Spring Decorating

One of the sure signs that spring has arrived is when the beautiful yellow forsythia bushes begin blooming throughout the neighborhood.  The bright cheery color makes me think of warmer weather that is on it's way.  

You don't have to wait for them to blossom outside to enjoy the beauty, though.  Forsythia is one of the easiest flowering branches to force to bloom inside the house during the colder months.

DIY Clipboard Made From a Cutting Board

Another quick and simple DIY project using old cutting boards that will keep you organized!

To make my EAT cutting board "art" a couple months ago, I bough many random bread boards.  I ended up a with a couple that didn't have handles and wouldn't work for the project.  Rather than donate them back to Goodwill, I decided to make my mind do a little creative thinking about what they could be used for.  You know, besides cutting vegetables.  

Friday Favorites #29

Ah!  It was so refreshing to end a week without any snow or freezing temperatures.  Could it be that spring has finally reached Pennsylvania?  The daffodils are just starting to peek their heads above ground outside my house and it is sure a welcome sight.

I find that my mood is more positive and my outlook on the future is brighter when the weather is good.  Would you agree?  Of course, with that being said, I've gone another week being a little absent from posting.  And it isn't that I don't have anything to say.  I even have projects completed and photographed.  But something has been blocking me from mentally getting anything accomplished....including answering the thoughtful comments that I've been getting. With any luck maybe that blockage will disappear along with the last remnants of winter.

Friday Favorites #28

Good morning to you friends!  It feels so good to finally be back to sharing some of my favorites posts on Fridays.  

As much as I love creating and sharing what I've done, it is fun to be able to share what my friends and other bloggers are doing as well, and I'm so happy to be back at doing that.  (In case you hadn't been following along before, my Friday Favorites posts were put on hold for about a month.  Even though we all love Pinterest and sharing things we find interesting, some creators are not as interested in their images being shared and choose to sue bloggers over their use of pictures in posts.  I took a few weeks to figure out how I wanted to continue with my Friday Favorites.)
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