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DIY Clipboard Made From a Cutting Board

April 13, 2015

Another quick and simple DIY project using old cutting boards that will keep you organized!

CREATE   |   Published April 13, 2015

To make my EAT cutting board "art" a couple months ago, I bough many random bread boards.  I ended up a with a couple that didn't have handles and wouldn't work for the project.  Rather than donate them back to Goodwill, I decided to make my mind do a little creative thinking about what they could be used for.  You know, besides cutting vegetables.

Sorry about that....back to the project!  What did I come up with, you ask?  A useful clipboard for smaller sized notebooks and paper.

Originally when I planned the idea, I figured  I'd have to deconstruct an actual clipboard to get the metal clip.  That seemed a little absurd because why would you buy a clipboard to make another clipboard, right?

Luckily, I trip through the scrapbook section at Hobby Lobby showed there was another way.  I'm not a scrapbooker, but Tim Holtz* brand of supplies has such unique items that I enjoy looking at them for other crafting purposes.  Obviously I'm not the only one who looks for clipboard clips minus the clipboard because he manufactures them*.  Two to a package and I had two cutting boards.  Is that fate or what?!?!  Add in my 40% off coupon and I got exactly what I wanted at a reasonable price.  (*affiliate links)

This is another one of those projects that is so easy that it almost doesn't even deserve a tutorial.  Much like my other cutting boards, these ones were new-ish and bare wood so they received a little stain.

Then the clips were glued on and secured with a couple small brads leftover from another project.  Note to Tim would really be useful to have brads included with the package of clips because mine are a little small. :)  Just a thought.

And you're done.  Seriously.  That's it to the project.  

Even though these cutting boards don't have handles, ones that do would work great, too.  That way, the clipboard could even be hung up on the wall.

This little clipboard is so useful for keeping small pads of paper close by.  I'm always making notes (normally on random pieces of paper), so it is nice to have a way to keep everything together and have a hard surface to write some more.   I was actually wandering through the house the other day with one of the clipboards jotting down blog ideas!

What are your thoughts on this simple project?  Is is something you would use....or give as a gift?

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