Refurbished Sewing Machine Table Makeover


There is something thrilling about taking something imperfect and transforming it into your own version of perfection.  No two rescued pieces will ever turn out the same.  If you can look past all the things that are wrong and see it for what it could be, you'll likely end up with something fabulous .  This is as true in life as it is in DIY.

The Easiest Method for Melting Chocolate {Simple Tip}

This method for will give you perfectly melted chocolate every time without the fear of 
burning it or having to watch the chocolate while it melts.

Foolproof method for melting chocolate |

Whenever I see recipes calling for melted chocolate, I almost cringe at the suggestion to use a double broiler or the microwave to melt the chips.  Whenever I've tried using these methods, I normally end up with burnt, overcooked chocolate.  And I hate having to play so much with the chocolate to get it melted.

My grandma has always used a different method that she learned many years ago from a woman who owned a candy shop.  It is a foolproof way to melt chocolate and I thought it is one of those simple tips that I need to share with you.

My New Vintage English Fishing Basket

When searching for unique vintage finds, you've got to look wherever you shop 
and keep an eye out for those special pieces.  
Great finds come in the places you least expect!

Finding something unique is what I look for when I go shopping.  Having what everyone else has in their home is not what I'm looking for.  I want something that is different.....something that only I have.  And that is exactly what I found recently at a shop in my area.

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