Refurbished Sewing Machine Table Makeover

March 16, 2015

CREATE   |   Published March 16, 2015


There is something thrilling about taking something imperfect and transforming it into your own version of perfection.  No two rescued pieces will ever turn out the same.  If you can look past all the things that are wrong and see it for what it could be, you'll likely end up with something fabulous .  This is as true in life as it is in DIY.

Today's rescued piece was purchased at a yard sale close to a year ago.  The worn out sewing machine stand sat around waiting for me to finally make it into a beautiful piece of furniture once again.  It was rustic, to say the least, and I really wanted to keep it that way.  There are some pieces of furniture that are going to look best when the imperfections remain.

The front door was missing when I purchased the table and I wasn't really interested in having an old sewing machine displayed in the house.  I removed the sewing machine and a little shelf that was inside. So this sewing machine stand has become a table that will be perfect beside a couch or in an entryway.  (But for those who may be looking for a place to put their old sewing machine, nothing has been disturbed to prevent this from happening.)

The wood top was severely damaged and had numerous stains and marks on it....but I decided to embrace it all.  I sanded the wood to blend everything together and then left it as is, bare wood and all.  Normally I'd add stain or at least put a coat of sealer on the wood, but like I said, I'm embracing the rustic look.


The base of the table was painted with one coat of a gray chalk paint, and a few of the details were highlighted with white paint.  (Although in these pictures it all kind of looks the same!  You'll just have to trust me.)  Everything was then heavily sanded to reveal a lot of the wood. The paint was sealed with Miss Mustard Seed's Furniture Wax (affiliate link) and the table was done.

Just to remind you what this table looked like before....

And here it is now....

I love that things that you can pick up at Goodwill or yard sales can be repurposed into something else.  It makes decorating and DIY easy to do on a budget, and really pushes your mind to think creatively.  Just because this table was meant to hold a sewing machine doesn't mean that it has to continue doing that forever.

Have you repurposed anything lately?

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