Easy Distressing Technique for Painted Furniture

Looking back through some old posts, I realized I had shown you a stool I picked up from a yard sale promising to show you the finished stool the next week.    That was months ago and I never showed you the completed project.  My apologies, but here it is now.

This stool had a lot of character to it that could only be achieved from years of wear and tear...lots of chips and nicks in the wood and spatters of multiple paint colors.  The stool was obviously handmade......probably just thrown together using some scraps of wood and was likely never intended to be a decorative piece.  I love finding old pieces that were made out of necessity but can now serve another function.

Serving Individual Appetizers to Your Guests

While shopping at Boscov's a few weekends ago, I spotted these cute Mini Cast Iron Pans.  I can easily be talked into buying things that will make a statement when I'm entertaining.  They were originally priced at $10 each, but were on clearance for 50% off, so I had to have a few.

Now what to do with them.....

Custom DIY Curtains Made from a Tablecloth

I wanted to share with you the fabulous DIY curtains my mom made using a tablecloth from Target.  We couldn't find fabric we liked anywhere, but were drawn to the pattern on the tablecloth.  She purchased it knowing somehow she could use it to make curtains.  Unfortunately, she was also only able to order one (and the nearest Target is an hour and a half away), so her DIY skills were really put to the test.

26 Creative Decorating Ideas for Halloween

I've said in the past that I do not decorate for Halloween.  I am not really a fan of all the scary things like skeletons and mummies and I would much rather take my time putting out fall decorations and enjoying them rather than having to take those things down after a month to decorate for Halloween.  There are some great creative ideas out there for decorating for the holiday, though.  It almost inspires me to go the store for a few things!

Staining Painted Wood with Coffee

Not to long ago, I picked up a great piece with three shelves to hang on the wall.  I believe it was probably handmade and is a nice sturdy, well built piece with a beadboard backing.  It also had a great stained finish.  I debated whether or not to leave it alone, but ultimately decided to paint it.  (Who wants to read a DIY blog post about a piece of furniture I bought and didn't do anything with?!?!)

Chicken and Stuffing Bake

I love a dish that can come together quickly and easily for supper.   This Chicken (or Turkey) and Stuffing Bake is one of those dishes.  With just three ingredients, you can make a meal that is creamy and delicious.  Plus, it uses up your leftover chicken!

Whenever I have leftover turkey or chicken, I break it into small pieces and put it into a container in the freezer.  When I have enough meat, I pull it out and make this dish.  You don't even have to thaw the meat to use it.....if it has already been broken into pieces, the chicken or turkey can just be emptied into the bottom of your baking dish.  It will thaw as it cooks.

Another Fall Display

Thank you so much for all the amazing comments you've been sending my way about the mantel display I put together.  It means so much to know that the thought I put into creating the display was worth it.  Adjectives like "breathtaking" have really thrilled me!

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