Tips to Help You Decorate for Spring or Easter

March 23, 2020

Spring decorated living room
A few easy suggestions for adding spring and Easter decor around your home for the season, regardless of what your decorating style is.

SPRING   |   Published March 23, 2020

Concrete bunny and brass candlesticks on mantel

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Last week, I shared some simple styling for a spring mantel.  But today, I wanted to give a little inspiration using Easter decor in case you are looking for some holiday decorating ideas.

When decorating for spring or Easter, there are a few easy things to keep in mind.



When decorating for Easter, you don't have to go crazy with decor, especially if you've already added some spring touches like tulips around your house.  Place a bunny or religious artifact alongside what is already displayed in your home.  Switch out your throw pillows and blankets for something lighter and brighter than what you used for winter.  Take down your curtains and drapes to allow the spring sunlight to stream into the house.

Living room decorated for Easter

(The eggplant pillows are from Target and the patterned pillow is from Pottery Barn.)


There isn't always a lot of choices when it comes to actual spring or Easter decor, like there is with fall or Christmas.  That makes it easy to fall into the trap of thinking anything will do.  But those bunnies and eggs that you display will look a lot more natural and "at home" in your space if they stick with the style you ordinarily gravitate to.

You don't have to decorate with brightly colored plastic Easter eggs or cutesy bunnies if you don't want to!

Easter decorated Fireplace

Take a look at what you may already have at home that can be updated to better fit in with your style.  A quick coat of paint can do wonders. Or wrap those plastic eggs with some twine or yarn you already have at the house.

This bunny was a recent TJMaxx purchase and I love the accent of the wood carrot and how it ties into my style of combining different elements.

Silver rabbit holding wood carrot


It isn't necessary to decorate the entire house for Easter.  Pick a couple of accents to highlight on you mantel or create a single vignette on a coffee table.  Creating a small Easter moment somewhere is all you need to do.

Mantel decorated with rabbit, tulips, and brass candlesticks.

For my Easter mantel, I paired a giant concrete-like bunny with some white tulips and wire eggs that were a clearance find last year from Pier1.  To make it all cohesive, I chose to include some mismatched brass candlesticks and the flowers are displayed in a decorative brass vase.

Concrete bunny and brass vase of tulips


Purely my opinion, but I think when it comes to spring and Easter decorating, you've got to have tulips somewhere, even if you do nothing else.

I adore the Real Touch brand of faux tulips.  The petals are made of latex making them have the feel and look of the real flower.  And they come in all different colors.  I've used the white here with the bunny, but had a pop of purple displayed on my spring mantel.

Brass vase of white real-touch tulips

Faux daffodil in pot

Along the same line, I picked up a pot of artificial daffodils at a shop back in February that look and feel real.  I haven't been able to find them anywhere online and I got the last one at the store, but I'll keep looking and update this post if I find some.

The giant urn of tulips on the coffee table was from Balsam Hill a few years ago.


If fake flowers aren't your thing, look outside and see what you can use to brighten your home.  Real daffodils and tulips are (or will soon be) blooming.  You can cut branches of forsythia to bloom inside.  (You can learn all about how to do this here.) Or even cut some tree branches that are just starting to sprout.

As a side note,  I posted a picture in my Instagram Stories on Friday of some magenta and white hellebore that I cut to bring inside to enjoy and I wondered how they would fare as a cut flower. They don't do well.  A few hours after my picture, my pretty little bouquet was completely drooping around the ironstone pitcher I had them displayed it.  It was worth the experiment for a few hours of beauty though.

Concrete bunny on mantel

It is important to make your home a peaceful and homey place to be. Freshening up your decor with something for spring or Easter is just one way to add a little bit of life into your home. I hope these simple tips gave you an idea of something you can do today to add a seasonal touch to your space.


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