Change the Style of Your Sofa for Less than $30

January 13, 2020

Beige sofa filled with pillows
The easiest way to completely change the look and style of a dated or unloved sofa, love seat, or chair is to simply change the legs of the furniture. For less than $30, I removed the modern look of my couch and added feet that fit in with the style of my living room.

DESIGN + STYLE   |   Published January 13, 2020

Pillows and throw on sofa

Buying a living room sofa is one of the most costly investments you can make in your home. But what happens a few years down the road when your style has changed and you just don't love what you picked anymore?

If it is still in good condition, there are a few different ways that you can completely change the style of your couch without spending a lot of money.

Neutral linen sofa with gray throw and pillows

A lot of the sofas I was pinning while designing my living room had fancy turned feet and I really loved the detail.  But they were mostly all out of the price range I was willing to spend and I am hesitant to purchase large upholstered furniture online when I'm unable to see and touch the fabric in person.

The sofa that I chose for my living room at a local furniture store had dark, very modern looking legs, but I liked the fabric and it was on sale.  So I purchased it, and then instantly regretted the decision because I just wasn't in love.  Has that ever happened to you?


Linen sofa with pillows

I was suffering from buyer's remorse because I did what a lot of us do.....we have a plan and ignore our instincts because it seems like a good choice is in front of us, even though we know we are going to regret it.  This one wasn't really the right size, it wasn't the shape I was looking for, and it didn't have those fancy feet.....but it was on sale.

I'm learning to love the sofa anyways and one way that I'm accomplishing that is by making a really simple fix....changing the feet that didn't fit with the style of my room and going with something similar to what I envisioned.

This is an easy DIY and a budget-friendly way to update a dated sofa, chair, or ottoman (or one you just don't love anymore).  Different legs can completely change the look of a piece of furniture.

Neutral sofa in white room


Bun feet are available in hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowes in the department where the fancy trims and corbels are located.  You can also find a vast array on Amazon, Etsy, and places that manufacture wood turnings and furniture parts.

You want to be sure to choose feet that are approximately the same width and height as the one's you're replacing so that you know your furniture is stable.


The price range from affordable to very pricey depending on how intricate the turned foot is, the size, and what kind of wood it is made from.  They can come stained or unfinished.  And are available with or without the screw in the center.

These unfinished ones that I purchased were from Lowes and cost less than $7 each.  The same version is available on Amazon for about the same price.

Then I stained them with a half and half mix of Fusion Stain and Finishing Oil in Cappuccino and Natural.  I wanted the wood to coordinate with my stained floors, but not match it exactly.

Wood bun foot on linen sofa



  • Set of matching bun feet (4 or 6 depending on the size of your sofa) - Have a look at the end of the post for a lot of the ones that I found online
  • Paint or stain (if wood is unfinished) 
  • Double sided screws and drill (if bun feet do not come with screws)


STEP 1: If the feet that you purchased do not have a screw in them, you'll need to use a drill and make a hole in the center of the foot, then screw half of the double-sided screw into the foot.  It is threaded on both ends so that it can go into both the foot and the bottom of your sofa.  I prefer to look for the versions that have the screw already installed so that I can skip this step.

STEP 2: Paint or stain your wood feet in a finish of your choice if they are bare wood.

Wood bun feet and fusion stain

STEP 3: Gently lay your sofa or chair back onto a clean blanket laid on the floor.

STEP 4: Unscrew the feet that are currently on your furniture by turning them counterclockwise, then screw in your new wood feet.  If the receiver that you are screwing into is damaged or missing, check out this post from Maison de Pax on how to attach a new receiver plate before adding your new legs.

Screwing new feet onto sofa bottom

STEP 5: Add protective felt pads onto the bottom of each leg if you will be sliding is across wood or tile floors.

STEP 6: Have someone help you to lift the sofa back up onto it's four legs so that the legs do not get bent or damaged while putting it upright.

If you are completing this project on your own, you may want to leave the sofa sitting flat on the floor and boost one side up, change the legs, and then repeat on the other side.

Such a simple project, but it makes a real difference.  I changed out the throw pillows that came with the sofa for some that didn't take up so much space and fit in more with the design of my room, added a throw, and I'm now pretty happy with the purchase.

Here's one last look at the before and after:

Catalina Loveseat from Fusion

Catalina Loveseat with throw pillows and throw

Here are some of the options available online:


Update the style of your sofa with new feet
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Change the style of your sofa

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