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Adding Life to Your Home with Potted Plants and Trees

January 21, 2020

Succulent in driftwood planter
Add a pop of life and color to your home this winter with a potted plant or tree and no green thumb is required with these 24 just-like-real artificial versions.

DESIGN + STYLE   |   Published January 21, 2020

Driftwood planter with green succulent

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Do you ever feel like your house, especially in the winter months, is lacking a little life?  Like, you take down Christmas and the house is feeling a little like a blank canvas ready to be filled.  While I actually love the opportunity to start fresh, a part of me craves a little pop of color.

One way to accomplish that is by bringing in something living, or if you're lacking a green thumb like I am, something that gives the impression of being alive!  There are some spots in a home that just won't allow something living to thrive due to lighting conditions or the temperature of the room.  And some of the faux plants on the market now can really be mistaken for one that needs water!

Succulent in driftwood planter

I'm looking for a nice (artificial) fiddle leaf fig tree to the corner of my living room because I think it will add some height and color to the space.  But while I was scouring the internet, I found myself on a lot of bunny trails looking at other realistic potted plants and trees as well.

Since I thought you might be feeling the same way right now looking to add a little green to you home, I gathered a collection of my favorites from different online sources to share.  So many of these would look nice on your coffee table, shelves, or maybe the bathroom counter.

(The faux pilea plant from Target has caught my eye.  Those leaves make me want to touch them just to confirm that it is indeed artificial!)

Do you use fake plants in your house or are you a real-is-the-way-to-go gal?


Realistic faux plants

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