Fixer Upper Front Door Design Plans

July 7, 2019

Modern farmhouse back patio design plans
A few simple design plans for a cozy and inviting front door entry at my fixer upper.

MACTAVISH HOUSE   |   Published July 7, 2019

Last week I shared some of the progress that has been taking place on the back patio of my fixer upper and today I thought I'd talk about some of the design plans I have for the space.

Fixer upper front door

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There are two distinct zones to this area.  For one, I'd like to create a cozy sitting area off the sliding patio door.

But this back patio also serves as the main entry into the house and that is where my focus is at the moment.  I want to create something cozy and inviting, but also want to keep things simple as to not overwhelm the other zone on the patio.


Modern farmhouse entry design plans


Looking back to when this project was started, the back patio was covered in a faux stone and there was a screen door covering the old wood door.  Both have been removed.  (I'm saving the faux stone for a future project I have in mind, though.)

Fixer upper door

This door is the only one of the three in the house that I didn't switch out in the very early spring because it was the only old one that was left.  I've already started to sand the stained finished off of it and plan on sealing the door to protect the wood, leaving it in a more natural finish.  As the siding is being installed, the door will be trimmed out with white to match how the other two doors have been done.


Previously, I had mentioned that I was looking at different barn light options for beside the door.  The Tennyson Barn Light I chose blends the farmhouse look with a more sophisticated shape and interesting detail.  I am very hesitant to fully embrace the modern farmhouse "trend" and am trying to source products that will still appeal to me a few years down the road and not just fit into what is popular right now.


I've already purchased a Home Sweet Home door mat and striped outdoor rug to layer in front of the door.  There isn't a whole lot of opportunity to make a statement in this space, but I really love how layering the two makes the door seem wider and the entrance more grand.

Since the porch is covered, I have the opportunity to add in a few things that would otherwise not stand up to the weather of being on an open porch.  For instance, I found a beautiful potted bush from Frontgate that I thought was really unique.  I've used faux bushes in the past at the front door, and love that the entryway always looks green and fresh this way,  As much as I love fresh flowers, I'm not so good at taking care of them.  I do plan on having some real flowers planted around the base of this bush as well as in some more pots around the patio, though.

Also, when antiquing a few months ago, I came across an old wood headboard and bought it even though I wasn't quite sure what I'd do with it.  The thought had crossed my mind to turn it into a bench, but I didn't know where I'd need a bench inside.  It dawned on me the other day that a bench would be perfect beside the door here.  I'm going to have to do a little planning in order to figure out exactly how to construct a bench using this particular headboard, but it will be coming in the future. 

It's a small space, but I think there is still a lot of opportunity to add some style here without spending a lot of money.  Hopefully the installation of the siding, ceiling, and lights can be completed back here soon so that I can get this area put back together.

Is there anything you would add to this back patio?  Leave me your suggestions in the comments below.
Modern Farmhouse Front Door Design Plans

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