Refreshing Your Home for Spring

March 19, 2018

Simple tips for adding a fresh spring touch to your home, plus a few of my favorite decor finds.

Simple tips for adding a fresh spring touch to your home, plus a few favorite decor finds.   #spring #decor #andersonandgrant

The first official day of spring is tomorrow, and I'm starting to see the smallest signs that winter is coming to an end.  The temperatures are ever slowly creeping up to at least what is normal for March here in PA and I even witnessed close to two dozen robins and a chubby rabbit enjoying dinner together in my yard a few evenings ago.

I'm anxiously anticipating the days when the windows can be opened wide allowing the fresh air to breeze in as well as seeing the grass turn green and sprouting flowers peeking up from the ground.

The beginning of spring is the perfect time to take a look around your home and re-evaluate what you have, purging what is no longer serving you and adding a few new pieces that will refresh your space.

Simple tips for adding a fresh spring touch to your home, plus a few favorite decor finds. #andersonandgrant  #spring #decor

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While you may be out purchasing some clothes for your new spring wardrobe, there is nothing wrong with also picking up a couple different things to decorate your home for the season.   Move around what you already have and simply add a different throw pillow or new dish towel for an inexpensive change.  You don't need to spend a lot of money or completely restyle a room to freshen it up.

A few small touches, like a vase of tulips, can really go a long way to welcoming the new season.  I've shared tips previously for making your faux flower arrangements look a little more realistic, so it isn't even necessary to rush out and buy fresh blooms to decorate with.  (The tulips pictured here are very real looking and feeling and can be purchased online in purple, white, pink, orange, and yellow.)

It is also time to put away the dark colors, heavy layers, and texture of winter and bring out the bright, light, and airy decor of spring.  Changing the color palette of your decor and removing the cable knit and fur that served you so well during the winter can easily transform you home.  Embrace some whites and pastels and take down those heavy curtains that have been covering your windows.

After taking a shopping trip out of town this past weekend, I've gathered together a few of the pieces that really caught my eye both in the stores I visited and what I've seen online. And many will transition right into your summer decor as well.  The links appear following the image below if you'd like to have a look.

I'd love to hear what you are doing to refresh your own home for spring this year!


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