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Create a Gallery Wall Using a Unique Collection

October 21, 2015

DESIGN + STYLE   |   Published October 21, 2015

Are you a collector? What kinds of things do you search for when you go shopping or antiquing?

As a kid, I had a few odd collections that grew to be pretty large.  

Every pig I could find, I wanted to buy.  It didn't matter if the pig was stuffed, resin, on a coffee mug, or in a picture, I needed it.  And of course when you have a collection like that, everyone starts adding to it in order to "help" you out.  I don't know how many pigs I ended up with but it was quite a few.  And then I was done with collecting them as quickly as I started.  All that remains is a little pig cutting board from a vacation in Vermont.

My other weird collection was one that a friend and I started and it grew into quite a competition to see which of us could have more.  Any guesses what would interest two ten year old girls?

Barbies?  (OK, I had a lot of those, but that isn't what we collected.)

Baseball cards?  (Nope, no interest in sports at the time.)

Pencils.  We collected pencils.  It didn't matter what color or image appeared on them.  They could be glittered or made for a holiday.  Some were just plain old number 2 school pencils.  We didn't care.  We just wanted pencils.  Boxes and boxes of pencils.  We'd go to each other's houses with our pencil boxes and empty them out too see the different pencils.  And then we'd count the pencils just to be sure how many each of us had at that time.  (I think Jasmin was always the winner.)

There was even one infamous sleepover where she decided we'd "film" a movie and for some reason that involved knocking over the boxes of pencils in the middle of the night.,,,,numerous times.  My dad put a stop to our movie production.

So what does any of these random stories have to do with today's post, you ask?

Have a bare wall in your home, but not sure how to decorate it?  Check out this post filled with inspiring ideas for using a collection of items to create a gallery wall in your home.  #decorating #gallerywall #decoratingideas #andersonandgrant

Your collections are an interesting way to decorate your home and put a little meaning and personality in your space. (Although I don't think I'll be decorating with boxes of pencils or pigs any time soon.)   I shared my ironstone collection with you a few weeks ago as part of my fall home tour.  When items of a collection are groups together they can make a bold statement.  Oftentimes those things can seem like clutter when individual items are spread out through a room or a house.  But when showcased as a group, you've got instant wow factor.

We typically think of gallery walls as being for a collection of pictures, sometimes with a few other items added in.  But today I'd like to highlight some interesting gallery walls that showcase a group of items from a collection.  There are some unique ideas here that will leave you wanting to go have a look through your basement or attic to see what you have collected over the years that can be hung on the wall in your own home.  

As always, please pin these images from the original blogs using the links underneath each picture.  If you image appears here and you would like it removed, please email me and I will take it down immediately.  Thanks!

Watering cans
Gallery wall of watering cans from Binti Home #gallerywall #decorating #decoratingideas #andersonandgrant
Source:  Binti Home

Beach Paintings
Gallery wall of beach items from The Lettered Cottage #gallerywall #decorating #decoratingideas #andersonandgrant

Group of mirrors on the wall from Kindred Vintage #gallerywall #decorating #decoratingideas #andersonandgrant
Source:  Kindred Vintage

Collection of pulleys going up the stairs from New England Home #gallerywall #decorating #decoratingideas #andersonandgrant
Source:  New England Home

Baskets hung on the wall from Craftberry Bush #gallerywall #decorating #decoratingideas #andersonandgrant
Source:  Craftberry Bush

License Plates
License plates hung on the wall from Liz Marie Blog #gallerywall #decorating #decoratingideas #andersonandgrant
Source: Liz Marie Blog

Gallery wall of bricks from AD Magazine #gallerywall #decorating #decoratingideas #andersonandgrant
Source:  AD Magazine

Collection of hats hung on the wall from Craftberry Bush #gallerywall #decorating #decoratingideas #andersonandgrant
Source:  Craftberry Bush

Wood Folding Chairs
Decorating with chairs hung on the wall from Tin Barn Market #gallerywall #decorating #decoratingideas #andersonandgrant
Source: Tin Barn Market

Black + White Typography
Black and white typography gallery wall from Design, Dining, and Diapers #gallerywall #decorating #decoratingideas
Source: Design, Dining, and Diapers

Gallery wall of old hammers from Stitch & Hammer #gallerywall #decorating #decoratingideas #andersonandgrant
Source:  Stitch & Hammer

Gallery wall of clocks from Bless'er House #gallerywall #decorating #decoratingideas #andersonandgrant
Source:  Bless'er House

Metal Pie Tins
Collection of Pie Tins from Martha Stewart Living #gallerywall #decorating #decoratingideas #andersonandgrant
Source:  Martha Stewart
actual link is unknown

Tractor Seats
Gallery Wall of Tractor Seats from Luxe Interiors and Design #gallerywall #decorating #decoratingideas #andersonandgrant

Decorate a blank wall with house numbers like this idea from The Shabby Creek Cottage. #gallerywall #decorating #decoratingideas

And when all else fails and you don't have a collection of any one item,

A bunch of random pretty treasures works, too!

Gallery wall of treasures from Liz Marie Blog  #gallerywall #decorating #decoratingideas #andersonandgrant

If you've created a gallery of collected treasures, I'd love to hear about it!  Share with me in the comments below, or on Facebook and Instagram.  Tag the picture with #ShareWithAG for a chance to be featured!

Have a great day everyone!

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