The Pantry Cupboard.....Staining the Wood

My progress on the wood pantry cupboard continues....slowly....but it is continuing.  Thankfully, I have finally finished staining the piece.  I would have to say that staining wood is probably one of my least favorite things to do.  I'm alright doing flat, horizontal pieces, but there are a lot of corners and vertical sections of wood in this cupboard, not to mention the undersides of the two shelves that could not come out.   But it is done, and I will now move on to the painting portion of the project.  Yeah!!!

Last week I showed you the first step in my process of transforming the piece, conditioning the bare wood.  Today I would like to share some tips with you about staining wood.

The Pantry Cupboard ...... Preparing to Stain Bare Wood

Back in mid-January, I showed you a few upcoming projects that I was going to begin working on.  One of them was a large pantry cupboard.  Fast forward a month and a half, and I have finally begun working on it!  It has actually been siting in my mom's dining room since the end of October all naked and empty.  I've had every intention of getting it done for her (It was going to be my big December project) but nothing has happened until now.

Making My Own Version of Cornish Pastie Meat Pies

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If you have never heard of a pastie, let me introduce you.  Simply put, pasties are an uncooked filling of meat and vegetables placed on a circle of dough which is folded over and crimped around the edges and then baked.
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